How To Lube A Bike Chain?

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I don’t think we need to explain to you that a bicycle chain is one of the most important parts of a bicycle. Without a chain, the bicycle cannot move, so it is important to maintain it well. You do this by greasing and cleaning it regularly. In this article we explain the best way to lubricate your bicycle chain, and which products are available for lubricating and cleaning a bicycle chain. The questions below are answered in this blog:

Why lubricate a bicycle chain?

Thanks to the chain and of course your legs, a bicycle can move. During this process, the chain comes into contact with other parts, such as the sprocket. These parts are constantly in motion while cycling, so they could use some help. You can compare it with belly sliding, it is not so pleasant to slide your belly over a rough surface. A well-lubricated bicycle chain provides less resistance, so that you can perform optimally. In addition, you reduce the chance that it will break and you extend the life of the entire drivetrain.

How to lubricate a bicycle chain?

When you are going to lubricate your bicycle chain, you should first clean it thoroughly. This ensures better adhesion of the lubricant. In addition, the old layer is often mixed with dirt, such as sand, mud, grass and salt. This can cause corrosion and rust. It is best to buy a special chain cleaner for cleaning the bicycle chain. We will tell you more about this later in this article. Read step by step below how to lubricate your bicycle chain.

Step 1
Spray the bicycle chain with a good chain cleaner and let it do its job for a few minutes, make sure that the cleaner does not dry completely. We recommend the Velorest Chain Cleaner for this.

Step 2
Loosen the dirt on the chain with a brush.

Step 3
Rinse the bicycle chain with clean water and then dry it with a microfibre cloth.

Step 4
Drip the chain lube or wax on the chain and then start turning the wheel.

Step 5
Wait about 15 minutes to allow the lube or wax to set. Remove excess lube or wax with a microfiber cloth.

The chain is now clean and lubricated, you can now safely take a number of rides. It is important to repeat this process regularly. How often you need to re-lubricate your chain depends on the circumstances. If you often cycle off-road with, for example, your mountain bike, you will have to re-lubricate your bicycle chain more often.

Which products do you use to lubricate your bicycle chain?

We actually recommend 2 products for lubricating your bicycle chain, namely the Velorest Chain Lube Wet or Velorest Chain Wax. They are high-quality lubricants for your bicycle chain, both of which have their own unique effect. Which of the 2 products you use depends on the circumstances in which you will be cycling.

Velorest Chain Lube Wet
This lube comes into its own during wet and heavy conditions, this lube has been specially developed for that. An example of these conditions is a ride in the rain or a ride on a cold winter day. You can use Velorest Chain Lube Wet for all types of bicycle chains, such as the chain of your city bike, road bike, mountain bike and motorcycle. The product contains 15 raw materials, which together form a unique composition. Examples of these raw materials are Teflon and wax.

The product has a long-lasting effect and is suitable for the entire powertrain. The chain lube from Velorest gives your bicycle chain a water-repellent layer, and can handle acids and salt water. In addition, it protects the chain against corrosion and rust.

Velorest Chain Wax
Do you want to contribute to a better environment? Then choose Velorest Chain Wax. Velorest’s chain wax is 100% vegetable and is 100% free of microplastics. It is a biodegradable chain wax, you can even recycle the packaging in its entirety. Of course, this is not the only property of Velorest Chain Wax. Compared to Velorest Chain Lube Wet, the chain wax also gives the chain a dirt-repellent layer. So after cycling you only have to remove the coarse dirt with a dry cloth. You can then apply a new layer again. Velorest Chain Wax works great in dry conditions, but will not lose its effect in wet and cold conditions.
Thanks to the water-repellent and dirt-repellent layer, you don’t have to clean your bicycle chain as often. It also prevents rust formation.

As you could read earlier in this article, it is important to clean the bicycle chain first. For this we recommend the Velorest Chain Cleaner. This chain cleaner has a very powerful effect and thoroughly cleans even the most soiled bicycle chains. This cleaner is suitable for the entire drivetrain and does not affect any parts. It is safe for, for example, the paint, the bearings and the carbon.
Velorest Chain Cleaner is suitable for removing grass, mud, salt, sand, oil and grease. It will not only remove the dirt, but also the bad smells will disappear. It is very easy to apply thanks to the good spray head.

We hope that with this blog we have provided you with sufficient tools to properly maintain your bicycle chain from now on. As a bonus, we have already put together a bundle for you with the products that appeared in this blog. With the Velorest Chain Care bundle you keep your bike in top condition!

Do you want a total package for maintaining your bicycle? Then the Velorest Total Bundle is the best option!

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