How To Lube A Bike Chain?

Lubricating the bicycle chain is essential to keep it in top condition, especially when you ride a lot. A squeaky or creaky chain is in many cases a sign of poor maintenance and a dry bicycle chain. Every type of weather affects the bicycle chain, whether it is raining or dry. With a bicycle you get everywhere and in addition to weather types you will also have to deal with different types of roads. In dry weather, a lot of dust can be released on unpaved roads that causes the chain to become dirty and dry. A bicycle chain attracts a lot of dust, sand and dirt, which increases wear. It is therefore advisable to lubricate your bicycle chain well.

Lubricate the chain

Lubricating a chain can be done with different types of chain lubricants. The easiest way is to lubricate your bicycle chain with a chain lube or chain spray. Almost every manufacturer has its own product in the range with which you can lubricate a chain. Using the right resources makes lubricating a bicycle chain a lot easier.

How do you lubricate a chain?

Lubricating a bicycle chain is quite simple and you can do it yourself, provided you have the right chain lubricant for this. There are two ways to lubricate your bicycle chain. With a chain spray you can spray the chain (aerosol) and with the chain lube (squeeze bottle) you can drip on the chain. Our own experience is that a chain lube lasts longer. While you reverse the chain, you drop onto the bicycle chain. Don’t spread too much! For best results, it is recommended to lubricate the chain a few hours before the ride. How often you need to lubricate a chain depends on user behavior. We recommend lubricating your bicycle chain regularly (every few hundred kilometers) with a chain lube like this one.

Bicycle chain lubrication solution

If the bicycle chain is not lubricated, it can dry out and rust. It is best to dispose of a rusted bicycle chain immediately and replace it with a new chain. You can simply lubricate a dry chain.

Our advice is to use the DPP Chain Lube. This product is suitable for all types of bicycles and with this you can easily lubricate your own bicycle chain. The DPP Chain Lube is not a standard chain grease, chain lube or chain spray. Before using the Chain Lube, we advise you to clean the bicycle chain with a chain cleaner.

What makes the DPP Chain Lube so special?

  • Significantly reduces friction and wear
  • Water repellent
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Chain runs smoother and quieter
  • Adheres well to the bicycle chain
  • Suitable for all types of bicycles
  • Smooth operation under all circumstances
  • Extends the life of the chain
  • Exceptionally good quality

The price is a bit higher than a competitor, but lubricating a bicycle chain more often is no longer necessary. A rusting chain will never run smoothly again. To prevent this, the chain lube from DPP has been designed. This chain lubricant is perfect for city bikes, electric bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes. Good chain lubrication is therefore very important!

The DPP Chain Lube will soon be on the market. This can then be ordered through our shop.