How to clean your bike? Use this!

The bicycle is our most used means of transport. As a bicycle owner you naturally also want to look good. Jaap (66) is happy with his electric bicycle, Sophie, student (21) proud of her Swapfiets (city bicycle) and Jos (30) with his mountain bike and racing bicycle. In short, there are different types of bicycles and everyone has something he / she likes about them. As a proud bike owner you also want your bike to remain in top condition, but how do you take care of this and how do you actually maintain a bike?

In this blog we explain how you can best clean a bicycle yourself and which cleaning products are suitable for this.

Bike cleaning

Cleaning a bicycle is not a priority for everyone. After all, a ‘cheap’ city bicycle is only used to get from A to B. It does not matter to a student whether there is some rust here and there and the tires are soft. If you have an ‘expensive’ bike, you are of course much more economical with this and treat your bike with a lot of love. Cleaning your bike every now and then is not a luxury and this also extends the life of your beautiful bike. Later in this blog we will give tips and a step-by-step plan on how to best clean your bike.

Cleaning mountainbike

After a long and hard ride of several hours mountain bike, your bike is often covered in mud. Cleaning a mountain bike therefore takes a little more time than a normal bike. This is because a mountain bike is often used in wet conditions where a lot of dirt such as mud, sand, and grass sticks to the bike. It is therefore also advisable to clean the mountain bike immediately after your ride. Failure to do this may cause mud and other debris to harden and be more difficult to remove. The approach to cleaning a mountain bike is therefore slightly different.

Good maintenance is therefore very important to ensure that your mountain bike remains in good condition. Especially when you consider that they are “expensive” bicycles. It may not always be fun, but after 10 to 15 minutes of thorough cleaning, your mountain bike will be like new again! With a number of tips you can clean your own mountain bike yourself. Use the DPP Bike Cleaner for this. This product is more concentrated than other bike cleaners and ensures that stubborn dirt residues such as mud, sand, grass, grease, oil are easily removed. Another interesting thing. The DPP Bike Cleaner is also suitable for cleaning your bicycle chain! A great all-in-one cleaner.

Step by step guide for cleaning a bicycle / mountainbike / racing bike

There are various ways to clean a bicycle for a car, motorcycle and bicycle. It is actually quite simple, only you have to make some time for it. After cleaning your bike you are glad you did it.

Cleaning supplies for a bicycle, mountain bike or racing bike are:

  • Water (bucket or garden hose)
  • Sponge or brush (hard for the chain)
  • DPP Bike & Chain Cleaner
  • Dry cloth (microfibre)
  • Step 1: First rinse your bike with cold or lukewarm water. Many loose dirt residues are already coming off.
    Step 2: Spray the entire bike with DPP Bike & Chain Cleaner and let it work for 5 to 10 minutes. In between you can brush with a sponge or soft brush. Clean the chain preferably with a stiff brush.
    Step 3: Rinse. Rinse off all dirt with a garden hose. This works the easiest.
    Step 4: Dry the bike with a cloth. It is best to use a microfiber cloth.
    Step 5: Your bike looks like new again!

DPP Bike & Chain Cleaner

The DPP Bike / Chain Cleaner has been specially developed for cleaning your bicycle. With this product it becomes a lot easier to polish your bike. The DPP Bike / Chain Cleaner removes stubborn dirt residues such as mud, sand, grease, oil and salt and can be used in all circumstances. In addition, it is biodegradable and not harmful to people and the environment.

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