Car won’t start

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A new working day has arrived, and you are ready to go to work. You want to start the car, but unfortunately the car does not start. Nothing is more annoying than not wanting to start your engine, because you want to get to work or other destination as quickly as possible. At that point, you are wondering what could be causing the starting problem and how to fix it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Starting problems can be prevented with all types of combustion engines and can be remedied by means of a Quick Start.

Use the Lindemann Quick Start

What to do? My car starts but does not start. Solution: The Lindemann Quick Start helps combustion engines start faster. With the Lindemann Quick Start spray, engines will start and start faster in all weather conditions, moisture and cold. The Quick Start is suitable for all petrol and diesel engines. If your car still does not start after applying the Quick Start, it may have other causes such as an empty or broken battery, worn out spark plugs or starter motor problems.

Clogged fuel filter

If your fuel filter is clogged, you will need to replace it first. A clogged fuel filter cannot be dissolved with an additive. Replacing will normally immediately result in more power and a cleaner engine