Car is difficult to shift

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Nothing is more annoying than driving a car that shifts difficult. If you experience problems with heavy gearbox shifting, it is wise not to drive too long. The chance of a lot of damage then increases. Do you want to be able to drive smoothly again with a manual gearbox?

Best additive gearbox

Difficult gear shifting can be remedied with an oil additive that can be added to the oil in the gearbox. With the Lindemann gearbox oil additive you can avoid a difficult shifting car. This gearbox additive makes your gearbox shift smoothly again. This oil additive not only eases the shifting of a gearbox, differential or swingarm, but also reduces noise. If you have an automatic gearbox and your automatic gearbox does not shift smoothly, Lindemann has developed an additive for the automatic transmission. The Lindemann Manual Gearbox Treatment contains Teflon and is one of the best additives for manual gearboxes.

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