How Do I Lube My Bike Derailleur?

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A derailleur is a part on the bicycle that ensures that the bicycle chain can be moved from one chain wheel to the other chain wheel while cycling. There are two types, namely a front and rear derailleur. The accelerator on the handlebars operates the derailleur. In addition to lubricating the bottom bracket, seat post, bicycle chain, bicycle hub and gear hub, the derailleur will also have to be lubricated and maintained.

Chain Lube Derailleur

Prevention is better than cure. With the chain lube from Velorest you prevent your bicycle chain, derailleur from drying out and rusting. It is also important to lubricate the derailleur pivots and pulley wheels. The chain lube keeps dirt and other residues out, ensures that it does not rust and contains Teflon for extra lubrication. By properly lubricating and maintaining your derailleur and pulley wheels, you avoid expensive repairs and unnecessary costs. With the chain lub from Lindemann you can extend the life of your city bike, electric bike, racing bikes and mountain bikes.

Note: If your bicycle has brake discs, make sure that no lubricant gets on the disc!

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