How To Clean A Bike Chain?

A bicycle chain is indispensable for a bicycle. Without a bicycle chain you cannot get from A to B. So it is really an important part of your bicycle. Normally you do not think about this, but as soon as problems arise, you investigate. You do not hear a healthy bicycle chain, but a rusted, dirty or dry chain you immediately hear squeaking or creaking. Besides that this is very annoying, it is also bad for your bike. The best solution is to maintain your bicycle chain and keep it clean.

In this blog we will explain step by step how you can best clean a bicycle chain and which product is most suitable for this.

Clean bike chain

Take good care of your bicycle chain and keep it in top condition. This way you extend the life of your bike and chain! We explain how to do this on the basis of a number of steps. After reading these tips, you can clean and lubricate your bicycle chain yourself.

Step 1: Rinse the chain with water. You will see that a number of dirt residues are already falling off.
Step 2: Spray the chain with DPP Bike / Chain Cleaner and let it work for 5 minutes. In between, you can clean the bicycle chain with a stiff brush. Also take the sprockets, derailleur and gear system with you.
Step 3: Rinse well with clean water! (If necessary, repeat steps 2 and 3 again with a very dirty bicycle chain)
Step 4: Dry your chain with a cloth
Step 5: Don’t forget to lubricate your bicycle chain with a Chain Lube. This is very important after cleaning your bicycle chain. A chain cleaner also removes oil, chain lube and other fats. So you have to lubricate the bicycle chain again. This prevents wear and tear and ensures that everything runs and shifts smoothly again. The DPP Chain Lube Wet is very suitable for wet conditions (mountain bike)
Step 6: Your bicycle chain is now like new again!

Nice to know! The DPP Bike / Chain Cleaner can be used as a Bike Cleaner and Chain Cleaner. Multifunctional in use!

Chain degreaser

The DPP Bike / Chain Cleaner has many good properties. The product is more concentrated than most chain cleaners. This makes the product better than the other products. In addition, you can also degrease your chain with this. Degreasing a bicycle chain works best if you let the DPP Chain Cleaner sit for a while. Then rinse well and all dirt residues such as grease and oil have disappeared. Degreasing a chain is therefore a small job, but certainly worthwhile to extend the life of your bicycle chain.

Bicycle chain maintained

A clean bicycle chain is important, but it is even more important to maintain a bicycle chain properly. Cleaning and re-lubricating the bicycle chain every now and then is definitely recommended. This extends the life of the bicycle chain and it always remains in top condition. Unfortunately, a rusted or very dirty chain cannot always be cleaned anymore. You will have to replace it and this costs extra money. Our advice: bicycle chain maintenance is essential to extend its life!

Clean bike chain

As you have read, cleaning a chain is not a time consuming job. Depending on the amount of use, it is good to clean your chain every now and then. There are many different cleaning products that are suitable for cleaning your chain. We have developed the DPP Bike / Chain Cleaner for this. With this cleaner you can easily clean your chain yourself.

A dirty bicycle chain creates more friction and increases the risk of more wear. In addition, a chain can rust because dirt always remains on it. By using the DPP Bike / Chain Cleaner you can remove stubborn dirt residues such as oil, grease, sand, grass, etc. This product is biodegradable and not harmful to humans and the environment.

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