How To Clean A Bike Chain?

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Just like a car, a bicycle also needs maintenance. Cleaning the bicycle chain is one of the most important tasks. It’s not a fun job, but it has to be done. At least if you want to be able to use the bike for a long time and optimally. In this blog you can read why you should clean the bicycle chain, how to do this and which products you can use for cleaning. This is summarized below:

Why clean a bicycle chain?

A dirty bicycle chain can cause many problems in the long term, for example rust and corrosion can occur. In addition, the chain can move less smoothly through the dirt, which also provides extra resistance. A clean bicycle chain ensures a smoother ride, which improves performance. Of course you should lubricate the bicycle chain after cleaning.

By properly maintaining the bicycle chain, you prevent wear and extend its life. Cleaning the bicycle chain is cheaper in the long run than replacing or removing rust from your bicycle chain. You have to pay the bicycle repair shop or you have to spend money on anti-rust agents. Investing in a good chain cleaner is therefore definitely worth it.

Dirt such as sand, mud, grass, salt, oil and grease residues can seriously damage the bicycle chain. While cycling you will always come into contact with this dirt. This is because it splashes from the road, or gets onto your bike by fellow road users. For example, consider oncoming traffic, such as cars and other cyclists.

How to clean bicycle chain?

If you want to clean your bicycle chain properly and thoroughly, you need the following materials:

  • A good Chain Cleaner;
  • Brush;
  • microfibre cloth;
  • Clean water.

Step 1
Apply a chain cleaner to the bicycle chain or the entire drivetrain. We recommend the Velorest Chain Cleaner for this. Let it soak in, but don’t dry out completely. This will take a few minutes. Switch a number of times, so the cleaner reaches all places.

Step 2
Loosen the dirt on the bicycle chain or entire drivetrain with a brush.

Step 3
Grab a garden hose or bucket and rinse the chain or entire drivetrain with clean water.

Step 4
Dry the chain or drivetrain with a clean microfiber cloth.

Step 5
After cleaning, it is important to lubricate the chain well. We recommend the Velorest Chain Lube Wet or the Velorest Chain Wax for this.

The bicycle chain is now completely clean and should also be well lubricated. The bike now runs smoothly again with an optimal result!

We recommend cleaning the bicycle chain regularly. Especially in the winter months, because this is the period that your bike can come into contact with road salt. This is disastrous for bicycles, cars and other vehicles.

Which bicycle chain products to clean?

We recommend the Velorest Chain Cleaner for cleaning the bicycle chain. This chain cleaner is specially made for removing the most stubborn dirt. It is a highly concentrated product that is suitable for the entire powertrain. You can also use it for the derailleur and cassette, for example.

You can remove grass, mud, sand, salt, oil and grease in no time with Velorest Chain Cleaner. This cleaner also ensures that lube and wax do their job better. It is important to mention that the Velorest Chain Cleaner is completely safe for the bicycle. It does not affect parts and is suitable for plastic, metal, carbon, plastic, rubber, paint and bearings, among other things.

Not only will the dirt disappear, but also the associated odors. Think, for example, of the foul smell of mildew and mold. You can easily apply this chain cleaner with the very good spray head. Velorest Chain Cleaner is suitable for all types of bicycle chains.
We hope that with this blog we have provided you with sufficient tools to properly maintain your bicycle chain from now on. As a bonus, we have already put together a bundle for you with the products that appeared in this blog. With the Velorest Chain Care bundle you keep your bike in top condition!

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