Clean your mountain bike yourself? That’s how you do it!

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If you have a mountain bike, you sometimes go off-road. A rough ride through the forest or over a sandy plain. After such rides, your mountain bike can be quite dirty. The frame is often strewn with mud, sand and, for example, grass. Not only after an off-road ride, but also during a ride on the asphalt, your mountain bike comes into contact with dirt. In this blog you can read how to get your mountain bike sparkling clean again, but also why cleaning is so important. At the end of this blog, we will highlight a number of products that you can use to clean your mountain bike.


Why clean mountain bike?

First of all, it is of course a lot nicer to cycle on a clean bicycle. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent your mountain bike from coming into contact with dirt. Dirt that remains for a long time can damage the paint and the parts, corrosion and rust can occur. Removing and repairing rust and corrosion is often very expensive. Dirt on the chain can disrupt the process of the entire drivetrain, which affects the propulsion. Think, for example, of a faltering chain because it moves less smoothly. So clean your mountain bike regularly. This may not be the most fun job, but it is certainly cheaper than repairing or replacing your bike.

How to clean mountain bike?

You cannot clean a dirty mountain bike with just water, you have to use a good bike cleaner. We recommend using a special chain cleaner for the chain, we have written a separate blog about this, which you can find at the bottom of this article. To clean your mountain bike you need the following materials and products.

Cleaning mountain bike supplies

  • bike cleaner;
  • Bucket with water or garden hose;
  • Brush;
  • microfibre cloth;
  • bike protector.

By following these five steps, your mountain bike will be like new again.

Step 1
Spray the frame and wheels with the bike cleaner, let it soak in for a while. Make sure that the bike cleaner does not dry up.

Step 2
Run a brush over the mountain bike to loosen the dirt.

Step 3
Rinse the mountain bike with the bucket of water or the garden hose.

Step 4
Dry the entire mountain bike with a microfibre cloth.

Step 5
Now spray the bike with a bike protector. This product gives your mountain bike a water and dirt-repellent layer. This way you don’t have to clean the mountain bike as often. You can easily remove the coarse dirt with a brush after a ride.

How often to clean mountain bike?

How often you should clean your mountain bike, of course, depends on your situation. If you often go off-road with your mountain bike, you will also have to clean it more often. If you only use it on the asphalt, you can limit the cleaning to, for example, once a week or month.

Do you use the mountain bike in winter? Then clean it more often. In the Netherlands there is a good chance that there is brine on the road during the winter months. This is to prevent slippery roads. Brine is very bad for your mountain bike. We even recommend cleaning it after every winter ride. You can provide extra protection for your bike with the aforementioned bike protector. In the paragraph below you can read which bike protector you can use.

Which products for cleaning your mountain bike?

Use Velorest Bike Cleaner to clean your mountain bike. The bike cleaner from Velorest has been thoroughly tested and delivers an excellent result. By using Velorest Bike Cleaner you remove sand, mud, grass, salt, oil and grease. Not only does the dirt itself disappear, this bike cleaner also makes the bad smells disappear. The unique composition of ingredients makes it suitable for all materials of your bicycle. In no time at all, all the dirt from your mountain bike is gone, so you prevent the formation of corrosion and rust.

Spray it with Velorest Bike Protector after cleaning. This protector gives your mountain bike a 100% vegetable nano-coating, which is dirt and water repellent. This way, the mountain bike is better protected against sand, mud, salt, grass, oil and fats. Of course, your mountain bike will still be quite dirty after an off-road ride, but thanks to the nano-coating you can remove the dirt very easily with a brush. Velorest Bike Protector is 100% biodegradable and free of microplastics. It even comes in recyclable packaging.
It is best to use Velorest Chain Cleaner to clean the chain. In the article below you can read more about Velorest Chain Cleaner, but also how you can best clean your mountain bike chain.

We hope that with this blog we have provided you with sufficient tools to properly maintain your mountain bike from now on. As a bonus, we have already put together a bundle for you with the products that appeared in this blog. With the Velorest Bike Care bundle you keep your mountain bike in top condition!

Do you want a total package for maintaining your mountain bike? Then the Velorest Total Bundle is the best option!

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