Clean a Road Bike Chain yourself? This is how you do it!

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For a smooth and fast bike ride, a clean bicycle chain is a must. Especially for people who have a racing bike, you naturally want to make it faster. In this blog we tell you how to clean the chain of your road bike, but also why this is so important. We also highlight a number of products that you can use to clean your road bike chain. In this blog we will answer the following questions:

Why clean racing bike chain?

As you could already read, a clean bicycle chain contributes to a smoother and faster ride. The dirt that the bicycle chain of your racing bike comes into contact with will disrupt the entire process of the drivetrain. For example, think of mud, sand, salt and grass. When this gets between the links of the chain and sticks, the chain will falter. In the long term, rust and corrosion can even develop. You should also clean the chain because the lubricant loses its effect at some point. Applying a new layer of lubricant, such as wax or lube, is always done on a clean chain. This ensures better adhesion.
Of course, safety also plays a major role. Of course you don’t want to deal with a faltering bicycle chain at a high speed. Especially not when you are on a racing bike, this can cause serious accidents.

How do you clean the chain of a racing bike?

Cleaning a bicycle chain may not be a lot of fun, but fortunately it is not a difficult job. You start by buying a good chain cleaner, later in this article we will tell you which cleaner is best to use.

Cleaning the racing bike chain

  • chain cleaner;
  • Bucket of water or a garden hose;
  • microfibre cloth;
  • Brush.

Step 1
Spray the chain cleaner over the chain or the entire drivetrain. Then let it soak in for a while, but don’t dry it.

Step 2
Use a brush and remove all the dirt. Also brush well between the links.

Step 3
Fill a bucket with water or connect the garden hose to the faucet. Wash off all dirt and cleaner with the water.

Step 4
Now dry the chain or the entire drivetrain with a microfibre cloth.

The bicycle chain is now clean, but you are not done yet. When you want to use the racing bike again, you need to lubricate the chain again. A chain cleaner will also remove oil and grease.

You can use Velorest Chain Wax or Velorest Chain Lube Wet to lubricate the chain. Chain Wax gives your chain a water and dirt repellent layer, Lube Wet only provides a water repellent layer. Wax is best used in dry and warm conditions, lube is more suitable for wet and colder conditions.

How often do you clean a road bike chain?

For optimal pleasure and best performance, you should clean the chain after every ride. This of course takes time and discipline, but in the long run it also costs more money. The cleaner will wear off faster and remember that you will have to reapply a new coat of lubricant every time. If you are a professional cyclist you have to accept this, as a hobby cyclist it is questionable whether you are willing to do it.

Of course, the circumstances also play an important role, such as the type of weather and the environment in which you cycle. In the winter months you need to clean the chain more often, because of the brine that is on the road. This splashes up while cycling and is harmful to the entire bicycle.

In general, it is wise to clean and lubricate a road bike chain after every 250 km. When you use Velorest Chain Wax, you can even clean the chain a little more often, because thanks to the dirt-repellent layer you can easily remove coarse dirt with a brush. Is the chain squeaking and creaking? Then clean it immediately!

What to clean road bike chain with?

You can thoroughly clean the chain of your racing bike with Velorest Chain Cleaner. This cleaner is specially made for cleaning extremely dirty bicycle chains. You can easily apply it over the chain or entire drivetrain, thanks to the handy spray system.

The Velorest chain cleaner helps to remove grass, sand, mud, salt, grease and oil. It cleans the chain and gives it a fresh scent. In addition, it does not affect any part of your bicycle. Velorest Chain Cleaner forms a perfect team with Chain Wax or Chain Lube Wet, together they make your chain smooth and like new.
As a bonus, we have already put together a bundle of these products for you. With the Velorest Chain Care bundle you keep your road bike chain in top condition!

Do you want a total package for maintaining your bicycle? Then the Velorest Total Bundle is the best option!

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