Close oil leakage of the gearbox

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Oil leakage in the gearbox is a more common problem. It can occur with a manual gearbox as well as with an automatic gearbox. However, both problems require a different solution.

Leakage in the transmission can have various causes, but more importantly: How do you fix it?

Remedy gearbox oil leak

If you suffer from oil leakage in the manual transmission, various solutions are possible. The correct solution depends on the severity of the problem. If the leak is extreme, then it will be a mechanical problem and there is no other option than to take it to a specialist.

However, if the leak is manageable, you can try to seal the leak with an additive. The Lindemann Oil Stop Leak can be used not only for leakage in the engine, but also for leakage in manual transmissions. The Lindemann OSL is a quality product with a dual effect, but the most important thing is that this product makes the gaskets supple again so that it seals well again. Unlike many competitors, Lindemann’s Oil Stop Leak makes packings smooth again without plasticizers. When a Stop Leak product contains plasticizers, it will not offer a sustainable solution.

How to Stop an Automatic Transmission Leak?

Oil leakage in an automatic transmission requires a different approach. Again, in the case of a mechanical problem and additive, it will not be possible to do enough to completely solve the problem. In many cases, however, an additive is a solution. Where the Lindemann Oil Stop Leak offers a solution for the manual transmission, this is not the case for the automatic gearbox.

Lindemann has designed the Lindemann Automatic Transmission Treatment for the automatic transmission. This product improves and smooths the operation of an automatic gearbox and seals small leaks.