Hydraulische Leckage

Hydraulics that are leaking are something you do not always have in your own hands. After all, it may happen that, for example, an excavator with the hydraulic lines comes along a sharp edge and a leak arises. This often has to do with the driver’s inattention. On the other hand, preventive maintenance of hydraulic machines is important. Proper maintenance of machines can prevent hydraulic leakage. There are sufficient options to protect the hydraulic hoses against cracks or leaks. Consider the proper fastening of the pipes, so that they do not come into contact with each movement and wear can be prevented.

Fix hydraulic leak

Have you found a leak? Then make sure that this is resolved gently and safely. Lindemann has the HYD-Stop Leak for this and this product is suitable for all types of hydraulic systems. It seals and / or reduces hydraulic oil leakage. HYD-SL consists of Teflon particles and contains anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives that reduce wear, noise and leakage.

There are additives on the market that can remedy leakage in hydraulic systems. Lindemann HYD-SL has something extra and brings the synthetic rubber gaskets back to their original flexibility so that they regain their original function. Want to know more about this product? View the product page or contact us.