Hydraulische Wartung

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Good maintenance of hydraulic systems is of great importance for the life of the parts and machines. Hydraulic systems are used in many different types of industrial and agricultural machinery such as: excavators, cranes, forklift trucks, bridges, lifts, presses and much more. Replacing these hydraulic parts or maintenance that could have been avoided costs a lot of energy, time and money.

Hydraulic systems are very complex and consist of several parts that all work together. In the event of a defect, the machine must be stopped, and a technician can determine the cause. When hydraulic systems are properly maintained, wear and expensive repairs can be prevented.

Hydraulic preventive maintenance

To prevent machine downtime, it is recommended to maintain hydraulic systems in a preventive manner. Without hydraulic oil, machines cannot run, because this ensures that pressure can be built up. Overdue maintenance and damaged hydraulic lines can cause leakage, this can be prevented by maintaining machines properly and replacing parts early. To extend the service life of hydraulics, it is recommended to add an additive to the hydraulic oil.

Extend the life of hydraulic systems

With the HYD-1, Lindemann has an excellent product in the range that is suitable for preventive maintenance of all types of hydraulic systems and pumps. The product consists of microscopic Teflon (P.T.F.E.) and contains anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives.

The HYD-1 is used to reduce the risk of wear and leakage. This product offers better lubrication than normal hydraulic oils.

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