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Over time, the engine warms up to a certain operating temperature. This is usually around 90 degrees Celsius. The coolant is pumped through the engine to the radiator and then cooled. If your engine gets too hot, there is a chance of leakage in the cooling system. The radiator may leak due to stone chips, for example.

Radiator stop leak Lindemann

Is there a pool of coolant under your car? Then this could indicate a leaking radiator. With the Lindemann Radiator Stop Leak you can easily and efficiently solve leaks in the cooling system. This additive contains particles that settle in the holes or cracks. The composition of the Stop Leak ensures that coolant leaks are closed.

Lindemann also has a Radiator Stop Leak Transport in larger packages. It goes without saying that a truck must also be properly cooled. Leakage in the cooling system can also cause problems here.