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Extending the life of your machines can save a lot. In addition, any malfunctions and wear must be prevented as much as possible and that is only possible through proper machine maintenance. Both small and large machines have a lot to endure under harsh conditions such as high pressures, temperatures and speeds. Additives, lubricants and greases are used to prevent major damage and wear. Proper maintenance of machines, tools and all moving parts is therefore very important for achieving the longest possible life. With Lindemann’s industrial products, expensive repairs can be prevented, and the service life of machines is extended. After all, prevention is better than cure! Reduce machine maintenance with high-quality Lindemann lubricants.

Reduce Machine Maintenance Costs

Machines consist of many different parts that come into direct or indirect contact with each other. Lubricants and greases are used to prevent metal-to-metal contact. A thin layer of liquid separates the machine parts and prevents damage and wear to all moving parts, resulting in less machine maintenance. The use of lubricants significantly reduces the friction, this is also called liquid friction. The purpose of the lubricants is to prevent all moving machine parts from coming into contact with each other. Lindemann has various additives, lubricants and greases for the industrial, transport and agricultural sector. Proper machine maintenance is critical to reduce machine maintenance costs.

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