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The start stop system was created to save fuel on cars and other vehicles. As soon as you stop driving and therefore stand still, the start-stop system automatically switches off the engine. This is done because of fuel savings and to reduce emissions. Then when you release the clutch with a manual gearbox, the engine is started, and you can continue driving. This is different with an automatic gearbox. The start-stop system is especially easy and efficient for short journeys and in urban traffic, such as traffic jams, traffic lights, etc. Unfortunately, having a start-stop system is not always nice. Various problems and disadvantages are experienced.

Start stop system disadvantages

The main drawback of a start-stop system is engine wear. Because the engine often stops and is restarted, especially with short journeys and driving in urban traffic, internal engine wear will increasingly occur. To prevent and remedy this, the Lindemann Engine Performance Treatment can be added to the oil system. This additive contains Teflon molecules that settle on all moving parts, creating a lubricating film and preventing metal-to-metal contact at all times, even with a cold start.