Wie kann man Motorverschleiß vermeiden?

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The engine is the heart of the car and will get you from A to B. Good maintenance is very important and helps to prevent engine wear. The greatest engine wear is caused by the cold start. As soon as the cold engine is started, the engine oil is not yet fully pumped and at a temperature of 90 degrees. As a result, lubrication is missing in the motor and metal-to-metal contact is created. Too little lubrication can therefore cause engine wear and this can be prevented with an additive. There are a number of products on the additive market that can prevent engine wear. Lindemann’s additives are all premium quality, which gives it a long-lasting effect.

Protect the motor from wear

Lindemann’s Engine Performance Treatment is an oil additive that helps protect your engine from wear. The product has a unique composition of fabrics and contains Teflon (P.T.F.E) molecules that stick to the moving parts such as the piston rings, camshaft, cylinder walls, crankshaft and valve stems.

With the addition of Lindemann Engine Performance Treatment there will be less wear and less pollution. This ultimately results in a more efficient running engine and less maintenance costs. After the addition, you will notice that the car is more fuel efficient and has more effective power. The Engine Performance Treatment is also very suitable for cars with a start-stop system.

The product has already proven itself, because there are examples of engines that have added the EPT from the very beginning with every service and already have more than one million kilometers on the clock without any wear! The Lindemann Engine Performance Treatment is one of the best engine protectors with Teflon!

Do you already have engine wear?

Is your car already suffering from engine wear? Then add the Lindemann Worn Engine Treatment to your oil system. This additive is designed for older engines that already show some wear. The purpose of the Worn Engine Treatment is to prevent further wear and improve engine performance. Try this engine protector now!