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All petrol engines have a throttle valve. A throttle body controls the amount of air that enters the engine. The engine cannot run without oxygen. A throttle body is therefore an important part of most gasoline engines. The throttle body is usually located between the air filter and the intake manifold. The accelerator pedal in this case plays an important role in the process of air flow. The further you depress the accelerator, the more air is let through, which leads to more combustion in the cylinders. This process therefore affects the performance of the engine. A throttle body thus regulates the amount of air.

A distinction is made between diesel and gasoline engines. For example, a throttle valve has a different function in diesel engines than in gasoline engines. In a diesel engine, a throttle valve is always fully open when the engine is running and in this case ensures that the engine continues to run. As soon as the throttle closes, there is no more airflow and the engine stops. Another name for it is “throttle valve”. In addition, the throttle valve has another function, namely to improve the function of the EGR valve.

In this blog we will discuss the following topics:

  • The symptoms of a dirty throttle
  • Preventing the throttle body from getting dirty
  • Have the throttle body cleaned by a workshop
  • Clean the throttle body yourself with a fuel system cleaner

Symptoms of a dirty throttle

There are three possible causes of a faulty or malfunctioning throttle body.

  • Internal pollution
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Incorrectly adjusted throttle position sensor

A dirty throttle is the most common cause. The throttle body has a lot to do with various vapors and gases that come out of the engine. This can lead to contamination of the throttle valve housing with all the associated consequences. You can clean a throttle body with a throttle cleaner. We’ll get to that at the end of this blog!

The following symptoms could indicate a dirty throttle body.

  • The engine suffers from a loss of power
  • Increasing fuel consumption
  • The engine will stutter
  • The engine fault lamp lights up
  • The engine no longer accelerates properly
  • Fluctuating speed of the car

These symptoms may not always be the reason a throttle body is dirty. It is possible that you will not recognize one of the symptoms immediately, but rather be discovered by a workshop during a major service or TÜV. A mechanic can do a checkup to see if there are any problems with a throttle body.

Preventing the throttle body from getting dirty

You can avoid getting the throttle body dirty by not making short trips. The engine does not get up to temperature when driving short distances with a diesel engine. In this way, incomplete combustion takes place, which only causes more internal contamination in the throttle valve housing.

You can also prevent environmental pollution by adding the Lindemann Fuel System Cleaner or Lindemann Diesel Boost preventively every time you refuel. A 400 ml bottle of Diesel Boost is sufficient for 100 liters of diesel fuel. Using this additive produces cleaner exhaust gases and prevents internal pollution. In addition, the Diesel Boost ensures better combustion. In short, a great option to prevent a dirty throttle. The Lindemann Fuel System Cleaner is suitable for petrol engines and good for 400 liters of petrol!

Cost of cleaning the throttle valve

If you recognize the above symptoms of a dirty throttle body, you can have a professional clean your throttle body. At this point your throttle body will be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. After cleaning the throttle body, it will work normally again and your car will no longer suffer from the symptoms mentioned.

If a throttle valve is so dirty or damaged, you can replace a throttle valve with a new one. A workshop knows exactly how to do this and can do it for you. Depending on the type and brand of throttle body, the cost can be quite high. You can also replace a new throttle valve yourself. However, the engine may suffer from increased idle speed after the throttle body has been installed. A specialist then has to look at it and can teach the throttle valve. A mechanic can better adjust an incorrectly adjusted throttle position sensor.

Clean the throttle valve with additive

Would you like to clean your throttle valve yourself with an additive? This works best with the Lindemann Service Cleaner Petrol. This throttle valve cleaner is suitable for cleaning the throttle body. It is a fuel additive that you can easily add to the fuel system.

Would you like to clean your throttle valve yourself with an additive? This works best with the Lindemann Service Cleaner Petrol. This throttle valve cleaner is suitable for cleaning the throttle body. It is a fuel additive that you can easily add to the fuel system.

The Lindemann Service Cleaner Petrol is a powerful petrol cleaner that cleans the entire fuel system including valves, injectors, pistons and throttle valve. A 400 ml bottle is good for refueling.

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