EGR valve cleaning. How to do it yourself!

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EGR Valve Cleaning

European emissions standards are being tightened every year. Good for the environment, but bad for your car! The pollutant gases that are normally emitted now pass through different systems in your car several times where they are filtered. This leaves cleaner exhaust gases, but the pollutants remain in your car. Often with a dirty EGR valve or clogged particulate filter as a result.

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What is an EGR-Valve?

First we explain what an EGR valve is and what function it has inside the engine. All modern diesel engines today have an EGR valve. The abbreviation EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. This EGR valve directs exhaust gases into the combustion chamber and aims to reduce harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx).

How does pollution occur?

Over time, the EGR valve can become contaminated by the exhaust gases. This can eventually cause problems, causing the engine to perform less. The EGR valve ensures that part of the exhaust gases return to the intake section. The moment these exhaust gases contain soot, oil, unburnt fuel and other dirt residues, they clump together and a layer with deposits builds up on and in the EGR valve, the inlet section and the soot filter.

A dirty EGR valve will not open and close as well due to contamination. At that time more and more exhaust gases go back into the combustion chamber and eventually more pollution will arise. Then the inlet section will also silt up, so that less and less oxygen is drawn in. The particulate filter will also become contaminated with soot and dirt residues.

What are the consequences of pollution?

The deposits and contamination in the EGR valve will eventually cause problems. The consequences of contamination are not always immediately apparent, this depends on the amount of contamination in the EGR valve and all other parts in the intake and exhaust system.

A malfunctioning EGR valve can cause the following problems:

  • Fault lamp lights up
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Stuttering engine
  • More emission of harmful exhaust gases (NOx)
  • Dirty or clogged diesel particulate filter
  • Power loss

Are you experiencing any of the above problems? Then reading this blog is definitely an added value. Lindemann has a premium quality EGR cleaner.

Prevent pollution

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. To avoid problems due to contamination of the EGR valve, it is useful to use an additive. When you add the Lindemann Diesel Boost regularly or with every refueling, you keep the engine and the entire fuel system clean and in top condition. 

Lindemann Diesel Boost has both cleaning and protective properties and protects not only the EGR valve, but also the turbo, injectors and the particulate filter against pollution.

If you want to prevent contamination of the EGR valve, turbo, injectors and the particulate filter, we recommend adding the Lindemann Diesel Boost with every refueling. The full 400ml capacity is good for 100 liters of diesel fuel. Depending on the fuel capacity of your car, one bottle of Diesel Boost is sufficient for 1.5 / 2 refills. Take advantage of this and use the Lindemann Diesel Boost to prevent contamination of the diesel engine!

You can also buy a box of 16 Diesel Boost from us.

Clean the EGR valve yourself with an additive

Lindemann Total Care Diesel Replacing an EGR valve is quite expensive, because this valve is often in a hard to reach place. The cost of this repair is reflected in particular in the man-hours required to replace the EGR valve. EGR cleaners have been developed to save costs. There are additives on the market that promise miracles, however many additives are not powerful enough to clean an EGR valve.

Cleaning an EGR valve with the Lindemann Total Care Diesel is the cheapest and best solution for cleaning the EGR valve. 

The Lindemann Total Care Diesel formula is unique in the additive market. This powerful all-in-one cleaner removes deposits and other dirt residues from the turbo, injectors, EGR valve, particulate filter (DPF) and the inlet and outlet valves.

You can easily add this EGR cleaner to the fuel tank yourself. Cleaning the EGR valve results in more engine power, a cleaner and smoother running engine, less fuel consumption and less harmful exhaust (NOx) emissions.

Conclusion: The Lindemann Total Care Diesel is a top additive for cleaning the EGR valve.

The full content of 1 liter of Total Care Diesel is good for 80 liters of diesel.