Engine is knocking

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Pinging can only occur with gas and petrol engines. The pinging of the engine can be recognized by a knocking engine. This causes spontaneous combustion inside the engine. When pinging, the fuel is not ignited by the spark plug, but by itself at an earlier stage. The piston is hit by knocking, resulting in pinging. If nothing is done about this, major engine damage can occur. We explain what you can do if your engine is knocking.

Ping causes

There are a number of possible causes for the motor to ping:

  • Wrong type of petrol (Euro 95 or 98, nowadays E5 or E10)
  • Contamination from driving short distances, low speed or shifting too fast
  • Engine cooling is not good, as a result of which the combustion chamber becomes too hot and the petrol itself will ignite
  • Octane number too low

Fix pinging

If the engine makes a knocking sound, chances are that you are bothered by a pinging engine and that is not nice driving. With a fuel additive or oil additive you can easily eliminate the pinging.

Fix knocking in the engine

To increase the octane number, Lindemann Octane Boost is a good solution to eliminate pinging. This additive causes a rising octane content in the petrol engines. The engine will immediately increase the octane rating in petrol engines and provide more power, low exhaust temperature and positive fuel economy.

Is pollution the problem that causes your engine to ping? Then you can use Lindemann Oil Flush. This powerful flush ensures that the entire oil system, including all piston rings, piston ring grooves and hydraulic valves, is cleaned.