Fix compression loss

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Is the condition of your engine deteriorating and are you suffering from power loss? Then it is possible that your vehicle suffers from compression loss. We are happy to explain how compression loss occurs and what you can do about it yourself! In many cases, compression loss is caused by jammed piston rings or worn out piston rings. Because piston rings are worn, space is created, resulting in compression loss and oil consumption. In this blog you can read more about stuck oil scraper springs. Eliminating compression loss with a Lindemann oil additive is a good solution.

Causes of compression loss

The main cause of compression loss is wear. The Worn Engine Treatment ensures that an oil film is formed on the moving parts and further wear can be prevented. The Teflon molecules fill the space and ensure that it is sealed. By adding the Lindemann Worn Engine Treatment you prevent compression loss and wear and the engine will perform even better.