Food Grade Lubricant

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In the food industry it is necessary to use food-safe lubricants. These Food Grade lubricants must be approved and have an NSF certificate. As with all other machines in any industry, it is important that parts are lubricated with greases. Without lubrication, metal-to-metal contact is created, and wear will increase rapidly. In addition, greases can come into contact with lubricants and this can pose great risks if the correct lubricant is not used. Food-safe lubricants have been designed for this reason.

Food Grade greases can be used in bakeries, cheese and dairy factories and wholesalers in vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, snacks and drinks. In many cases, food and lubricants never come into contact with each other. However, it may happen that fats do get into food due to leakage. With the Lindemann High Temperature Grease Food Grade, machines and parts in the food industry can be lubricated. This food-safe lubricant has been NSF H1 approved, but also has other advantages.

High Temperature Food Grade Grease

Are you looking for a food-safe lubricant with many lubrication options? With the High Temperature Food Grade, Dutch Performance Products has a food-safe lubricant that is very suitable for the food industry. The product contains a number of unique properties such as:

  • Resistant to extremely low and high temperatures from -40 to +400 degrees celsius.
  • NSF H1 certified and food safe
  • Does not melt, drip or char
  • Heat resistant bearing grease
  • Provides long-lasting lubrication
  • Very high resistance to water, steam, detergents and acids
  • Resistant to extreme pressures
  • Significantly reduces wear and provides long-lasting lubrication

This food grade lubricant is available in small and large quantities! Curious about this product? Please contact us and we are happy to help you!