Nettoyez vous-même les injecteurs contaminés

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An injector cleaner, it is used by many garages for annual maintenance. And rightly so, cleaning the injectors / fuel system is increasingly necessary nowadays, but why?

Petrol injectors do not always cause problems, but they can function worse over time due to pollution. The result is a less smooth-running engine, light shocks and higher fuel consumption.

Reading with a diagnostic device does not immediately indicate this. After all, electrically there is nothing wrong. The question is therefore how the pollution gets into the injector. Theoretically, there may be some dirt when refueling, but for that there are fuel filters placed in the fuel system.

In this blog we will discuss the following topics:

  • Cause of contamination of fuel system / injectors
  • Protect injectors against bio-ethanol
  • Injector Cleaner as a solution
  • Clean the rest of the fuel system
  • Why clean you injectors / fuel system with Lindemann?

Difference injectors an atomizers

In principle, injectors and atomizers are the same, the only difference is that they used to call it an atomizer and today they are injectors. The operation is exactly the same, the injectors and atomizers inject the fuel into the engine. They are located in the cylinder head and there are different types such as: tap atomizer, hole atomizer, two stage atomizer, pump atomizer and electromagnetic operated atomizer. Diesel engines are more likely to talk about atomizers and petrol engines talk about injectors. In this blog you can read more about cleaning atomizers.

Cause of fuel system / injector contamination

The biggest cause of pollution of a fuel system comes from the gasoline itself. During injection, a fraction always remains in the injectors. These form a resinous deposit. In addition, there are all kinds of dopes in petrol that also deposit on, for example, the needle or seat of the injector.

Petrol companies test their fuel extensively for this, but the end result will always be a compromise between what is desired and what is affordable.

In addition, fuel aging sometimes plays a role. Most people drive their cars daily, or at least weekly. The petrol will then not have a chance to age. However, if a car is not used for a long time, for example over the winter period (campers but also motorcycles) or with cars that run on LPG, fuel aging can occur. The volatiles evaporate, leaving a gum-like substance with disastrous consequences for the injectors. Fuel aging has become a growing problem since the introduction of E10 gasoline. This new fuel has a much shorter shelf life than traditional fuel.

Protect injectors against Bioethanol

The fuel composition, both for petrol and diesel, has changed in recent years. Since 2017, bioethanol has been added and since October 2019, 10% bioethanol has even been compulsory added to the petrol.

Ethanol is hygroscopic, which means that it attracts water. When ethanol reacts with water, the gasoline ages much faster. As a result, the gum-like substances are deposited even faster in the fuel system, so they can clog the filters and the injectors.

Pure water is completely disastrous. If water gets into the injectors, it will cause limescale and the high temperatures will cause steam to form, which will affect the lubricating film and seriously damage the injector.

Do you want to protect your injectors from moisture? Then the Lindemann Fuel System Cleaner is the best option. You can only protect against moisture by adding a small splash with each refueling. The Lindemann FSC separates the water from the fuel and ensures that it remains in the fuel filter.

Modern engines have a high-pressure fuel system with close tolerances. It is therefore advisable to install the correct fuel filters and to replace them regularly, at least annually.

Highest quality injector cleaner as a solution!

Fuel system pollution is very gradual. The first few years will not be much of a nuisance, but the moment that injectors cause problems due to the causes mentioned above, it can cost serious money.

So, this applies prevention is better than cure. Annual maintenance (yearly) of the injectors and the rest of the fuel system by a cleaning additive can already prevent large cost items.

With the Lindemann Service Cleaner Petrol (and Diesel) you can easily clean the fuel system yourself. With this product you can also clean your injectors and atomizers yourself. It is recommended to apply this preventively every 5000 km. This injector cleaner is also very suitable if the injectors are already dirty.

Clean the rest of the fuel system

It is especially important to clean the injectors occasionally, because they are very sensitive to pollution. However, it is also important to clean the rest of the fuel system immediately.

In addition to the injectors, the pipes, fuel pump, valves and carburetor must also be serviced. Do you need another additive for that? No, fortunately not! The Lindemann Service Cleaners not only clean the injectors, but also the rest of the fuel system!

Why the Lindemann injector cleaner?

Every additive brand does have a fuel system or injector cleaner in its range. Why should you choose Lindemann?

Lindemann’s additives, unlike most competitors, contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients. You must imagine that an additive does not consist of 100% chemicals, because otherwise you will get a priceless product. The chemicals (active, in this case cleaning substances) are supplemented with white petroleum (pure petrol). However, it depends on the brand that you choose what percentage of active substances are included in an additive. Lindemann’s additives are at a very high rate of around 80%, with many competitors getting stuck at around 20%.

Ultimately, this results in a more powerful and durable action of the additives. When you take an injector cleaner from Lindemann, you choose quality!

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