How do you recognize old or contaminated oil?

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There is often a lot of uncertainty about when you should change your oil. As far as we are concerned, the following applies: the sooner, the better. The interval recommended by the manufacturer is in many cases considerably longer than is good for the engine. The moment the oil is contaminated, the quality of the lubrication will decrease sharply. In addition, changing the oil too late can result in several problems. To know when it is time to change the oil, it is important to be able to recognize when the oil is old or contaminated.

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge for this. By putting a little bit of oil on your fingers and then rubbing it you can feel the structure of the oil. The moment it feels gritty, this means that the oil is contaminated. If it feels thick and sticky, this is a sign that the oil is outdated. In both cases it is good to change the oil. It is advisable to regularly use an engine flush when changing the oil. This cleans the engine internally and also removes any contamination that has been left behind in the engine.

You don’t have to flush the engine every time you change the oil. When you persist 1 in 3 times, you keep the engine in top condition!