How long does the engine take to cool before adding oil?

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When you are going to top up the engine oil of your car, it does not matter in principle whether you do this with a warm or a cold engine. If you have just taken a ride, it is important not to top up the oil immediately after stopping the engine. The oil is pumped around in the engine. If you check the oil immediately after switching off the engine, not all the oil has returned to the crankcase. As a result, you do not get a good idea of the amount of oil that is still present in the engine. This can prevent you from adding too much oil, which in turn can cause problems.

We recommend that you leave the engine alone for at least 15 minutes after use. In these 15 minutes, the oil has usually returned to the crankcase and you can start checking the oil levels. Then top up the oil. It is therefore not really important whether the engine has cooled down completely or not.