How many liters of oil to add?

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Have you checked the oil level and is the oil level too low? Then it is advisable to top up oil. This is a simple job that you can do yourself. If not, a garage can top up the oil. Adding oil is a sign of oil consumption or oil leakage. Some oil consumption is not a disaster, but when you have to top up oil more often, it is still useful to go to the garage.

Are you going to top up the oil yourself? The average oil content is 4 to 6 liters, depending on the type of car and engine. On the dipstick are usually 2 stripes with a minimum and maximum content. The difference between the two is often 1 liter of motor oil. Always make sure that the oil level is above the minimum mark. If not? Then engine oil must be added. Pay close attention to which oil is suitable for your car, because there are many different types of motor oil.

Is the oil consumption higher than 1 liter per 1000 kilometers? Consult a garage to investigate what the problem may be. You can remedy small amounts of oil consumption yourself with an oil addition from Lindemann. The Lindemann Engine Performance Treatment and Worn Engine Treatment contain Teflon molecules that fill the space, which can significantly reduce oil consumption.

It is therefore difficult to say how many liters of oil you should add. This is highly dependent on the moment and consumption. If you have to top up oil more often, it is handy that there is always a liter bottle of motor oil in the trunk. Refilling is now done in no time.