How much fuel does my car use?

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Would you like to know how much your car consumes? You can easily calculate this yourself. Fill up the fuel tank completely! Often there can be 35 to 60 liters of petrol or diesel in a fuel tank. For example, refueling costs €60. Then set your trip odometer to 0. The tank is full and now you can just drive. After x number of kilometers driven, the “Refuel please” light starts to illuminate. At that moment there is 720 kilometers on the trip.

Tank capacity:     40 liters

Refueled for: €60,-

Driven:           720 kilometers

In this case, the car (720 kilometers / 40 liters) consumes 1 in 18. This means that you can drive 18 kilometers with 1 liter of fuel.

Today’s “newer” cars have a built-in system that tracks fuel consumption and analyzes it. You don’t have to do anything, because you can see the consumption of your car at a glance. The new engines are all tweaked and therefore consume less petrol or diesel fuel. Do you really have an economical car, then the consumption is +/- 20 kilometers per litre.

Is your car consuming too much petrol?

There is a chance that you suffer from internal engine pollution such as deposits and other dirt residues. A common problem is the injectors. The moment these become polluted, they will atomize less well, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption. You can easily solve this yourself by cleaning the fuel system completely with a petrol or diesel cleaner. Before adding refueling, refuel afterwards so that it can mix well with the fuel and then take a short drive. After running out of your tank, the fuel system is cleaned and you will notice a difference!