How to clean intake valve

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A contaminated EGR that remains open can heavily contaminate the inlet. Short distances, too long oil intervals, dirty air filter, and oil consumption are often caused of pollution in the intake. Characteristics of intake pollution are: irregular and poor idling, fault lights come on and limited engine power. After about 50,000 km, the intake manifold is full of extreme carbon deposits, resulting in a power loss of 1 to 20 hp!

After the turbo, EGR and intercooler, the air goes to the intake manifold. Due to the EGR, dirty exhaust gases also enter the intake. This is sticky air and full of tar and soot.

Avoid contaminated intake manifold

You can prevent pollution in the inlet in various ways. First of all, especially with diesels, it is important that you do not only make short trips, where the engine does not warm up. In this way, there will be incomplete combustion, which will only cause more internal pollution.

You can also consider adding a half bottle of Lindeman Diesel Boost with each refueling. One whole bottle is good for 100 liters of diesel. This additive has many advantages, but in this case, we will only go a little deeper into the fact that it improves combustion.

This will result in cleaner exhaust gases, which means that these exhaust gases can also leave less pollution in the EGR and in the intake manifold. Better combustion also results in light fuel savings, which means that this product almost pays for.

Clean intake manifold with additive

Of course, in addition to an aerosol, there is also another method for cleaning the intake valve. With the Lindemann Total Care Diesel you can easily clean the intake manifold and inlet valves without any keywork. You must add this additive to the fuel, then the cleaning agents of the product will do their job.

In addition to cleaning the intake, the Total Care Diesel also has a cleaning effect on the rest of the inlet and outlet section, including the EGR valve. As previously mentioned, a contaminated intake system is often related to a contaminated EGR valve. With this product you tackle both parts at once!

When you decide to use this product, we advise to add a one liter can to the fuel tank completely. Then you must make a ride of at least 20 minutes with a circulation speed between 2000-2500. In this way you will open the EGR valve through which the cleaning agents of the Total Care Diesel will pass through the intake system via the EGR.

It is also important that the engine warms up properly so that the carbon deposits get warm. In this way, the effect of the product will increase significantly. Carbon deposits that are cold and hard cannot be removed, if at all.

You can order the Total Care Diesel from Lindemann in our own shop via the button “Order here” or via one of our dealers via the button “All dealers”. If you have any questions based on the above text, you can of course also contact us without obligation!