Is there gasoline without ethanol?

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Since October 2019, filling stations are obliged to offer a fuel with bioethanol. For example, petrol stations are no longer allowed to offer Euro 95 fuel, but they are allowed to offer E5 and E10 petrol. Bioethanol is made from sugar, corn or wheat, among other things, and is a form of renewable energy. E5 petrol contains a maximum of 5% ethanol and E10 petrol contains a maximum of 10% ethanol. In this way, people want to refuel in an economical way.

All petrol stations have had to make this adjustment and are obliged to state whether you are filling up with E5 petrol or E10 petrol. This is marked on the fuel pump and clearly visible to the user. All new cars can be fueled with E10 petrol. However, for 10% of all old cars, refueling with ethanol can cause problems. Ethanol fuel attracts more moisture and can cause problems with the fuel hoses, fuel pump and also has a shorter shelf life. Prevent problems? This can be done by adding a dash of Lindemann Fuel System Cleaner every time you fill up. This fuel additive keeps the fuel system clean and prevents problems caused by the use of E10 petrol.

Is there gasoline without ethanol? Yes there is, but these are the premium fuels such as a Shell V-Power. This type of fuel contains additives, but is also certainly more expensive than the usual E10 fuel. Are you in doubt about whether or not to refuel with ethanol? Then you can go for a more expensive premium fuel, or just fill up with E5 petrol (previously Euro 98). This contains less ethanol than E10 petrol.