Is your car leaking oil? This is the solution!

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Oil leakage is a very common problem, especially with slightly older engines. You have probably seen an oil slick or oil drops under the car. A heavily loaded older engine may use a little bit of oil, but extreme oil leakage with stains on the ground is not a good sign. In this blog, we will further discuss the topic of engine oil leakage fixation.

Engine oil leakage occurred

Engines are always fitted with gaskets. These gaskets are for sealing the parts and thus ensure that everything fits together well. As a packing gets older, dried out, worn out or broken, oil leakage will occur. Due to oil leakage, the oil in the oil system becomes less and less, resulting in less lubrication, which can lead to metal-to-metal contact.

The following defect can cause oil leakage:

  • Head gasket leak
  • Valve cover gasket
  • Oil pan gasket
  • Crankshaft seal
  • Camshaft seal
  • Pipes
  • Turbo

Remedy oil leakage

It is often difficult to determine where exactly the oil leak in the engine comes from. By cleaning the bottom of the car and then driving a short distance, you can often see where the oil leak comes from. As described earlier in this blog, oil consumption is more common in older engines.

Highest quality oil leak stopper

Oil leakage is quite easy to fix by adding the Lindemann Oil Stop Leak to the oil system. This additive stops and reduces oil leakage from engine, gearbox and differential. Due to the large Teflon molecules is the space that is created by wear between the piston rings and the cylinder wall filled. In addition, the gaskets are made more flexible, so it will be better sealed and oil leakage can be prevented.

The unique thing about the Lindemann Oil Stop Leak is that it contains an additional that brings the rubber oil seals, o-rings and also plastic parts that have been “hardened” back to the original flexibility so that they regain their original function. Unlike “Stop Leak” products from competing brands, the Lindemann Oil Stop Leak does not contain plasticizers! This ensures that this additive offers a sustainable solution! In short, a top product.

Oil leakage transmission

In addition to oil leakage in the engine, it can also occur that there is leakage in the transmission and steering pumps and steering boxes. The same Lindemann Oil Stop Leak can be used for the manual transmission and the differential, but for the automatic transmission there is the Lindemann Automatic Transmission Treatment. We recommend the Lindemann Power Steering Treatment for leakage of steering pumps and steering racks.

Continue driving for too long with an oil leak

Driving too long with oil spills can cause major problems in the short term. There is a chance of a “jam”, this is because there is too little oil inside the engine to lubricate the rotating parts. It is also possible for the timing belt to become greasy due to oil leakage. This affects the rubber of the timing belt and will wear it out earlier, resulting in even higher costs. You want to prevent this at all times. 

Furthermore, oil leakage is bad for the environment. The leaking oil can pollute the groundwater, which in turn is harmful to nature. You can choose to continuously add new oil or try this additive. The Lindemann Oil Stop Leak is the best solution for remedying oil leakage! Buy additives? Continue to “Order here”.