L’auto balbetta/si trattiene? Questo è quello che puoi fare!

My car stutters what can I do? This is a frequently asked question, but what causes the engine to stutter and what can you do about it yourself. The stuttering of the car is a common problem and is much more common than people think. There was even a time when a stuttering engine was one of the most commonly reported failures.

To give you a clear picture, we have written a blog on the topic: Auto stutters/content. In this blog we will discuss the following issues:

  • Different situations stuttering car
  • Cause of a stuttering car
  • Consequences of a stuttering car
  • How can you solve it yourself?

In short, after reading this blog we offer you a solution for your content car.

Different situations stuttering car

The stuttering of a car mainly occurs with petrol engines. Diesel engines ignite because of compression and will actually only stutter if too little fuel is injected. With diesel engines it will actually only happen that the car stutters when accelerating.

Petrol engines are a bit more complex. The ignition takes place by means of a spark and the ratio between fuel and air must then be optimal. If this process is slightly disrupted by, for example, light pollution, you can sometimes experience a bit of power loss.

A car can stutter in several situations, such as:

  • The car stutters when accelerating
  • Auto stutters at low revs
  • Auto stutters at constand speed
  • Auto stutters when accelerating
  • Car stutters while driving

Each situation can have different causes. However, you can still get valuable information by looking at what situation your car starts to hold. The more information you can give us or your garage, the greater the chance that the advice will actually provide a solution.

For example, if your car stutters on the highway while driving at a constant speed. Dirty injectors are the cause and need to be cleaned to solve the problem.

The cause of a stuttering car

Your car may jerk when accelerating, shifting, accelerating, starting or idling or at constant engine speed. So, there are many kinds of shocks. It is difficult to determine the exact cause of your stuttering car as there can be various causes.

In this case, a distinction is also made between newer and older cars. In a modern car, there is a good chance that your car will stutter due to a problem in the electronics, but also due to contamination of the EGR valve, intake manifold and injectors. However, this is different with older cars as they usually already have some mechanical wear, which could cause the car to shake.

The most common causes for a shocking car are:

  • Lack of maintenance: spark plugs and fuel filter
  • Car stalls due to dirty intake manifold
  • Car stalls due to contaminated injectors
  • Car stalls due to dirty carburetor
  • Mechanical wear (often older cars)

Car stalls due to dirty intake manifold

The intake manifold is one of the parts that belongs to the intake system and ensures that the engine is supplied with air. The intake manifold can be contaminated and even clogged by exhaust gases that return to the engine through the EGR valve. The moment the intake manifold and intake system are heavily contaminated, the airflow to the engine decreases, ultimately resulting in a car stuttering. You may notice this if your car jerks when accelerating, stutters at low revs, while driving or accelerating.

If a dirty intake manifold causes your car to shock, you can clean it yourself with an additive. With the additive, the entire fuel system is cleaned including the intake manifold. The advantage of an additive is that you can add it to the fuel tank before refueling. During the refueling, the additive is mixed, and the cleaning process will start to work. To save unnecessary repair costs, it is always advisable to try an additive first. There is a good chance that your car will not shock afterwards.

Car holds back by contaminated

Injectors are very sensitive and are less likely to atomize if contaminated. If nothing is done about this, it can cause major engine problems. For example, if your car shakes on the highway at a constant speed, this is an indication that the injectors are dirty.

Most common causes:

  • Addition of bioethanol of the fuel
  • Fuel filter needs to be replaced
  • Often almost running out of the tank
  • Condensation water in the tank

If you suspect that dirty injectors are the cause of the stuttering of your car, you can choose to clean it with an injector cleaner. The Lindemann Service Cleaner is a premium quality fuel additive that works best to clean contaminated injectors and keep the car from stuttering. The cleaner is available in a petrol and diesel variant and should be added to the fuel tank once a year or every 5000 kilometers for the best results. This product can also be used curatively to keep the fuel system clean and prevent problems.

Car stalls due to dirty carburetor

Older cars still have a carburetor, but in modern cars today it has been replaced by petrol injection. The purpose of the carburetor is to atomize the fuel with air before it is sucked into the cylinders. When the carburetor is heavily contaminated, complete combustion can no longer take place, resulting in a car stuttering.

If you think that a contaminated carburetor is the cause of retaining your car, cleaning the carburetor is a good solution. You can read everything about the carburetor cleaner here!

Consequences of a stuttering car

A dirty intake manifold, injectors, EGR valve or carburetor can lead to:

  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Oil consumption
  • Less power
  • More wear
  • Troubled engine running

Driving with a stuttering car can cause serious long-term problems, so you may need to replace certain parts such as a carburetor or injectors. And everything applies: prevention is better than cure, so using an additive preventively prevents these problems!

How can you solve it yourself?

As you have read in this blog, there can be several causes and consequences that cause your car to stutter. Before you bring the car to the garage, we advise you to first gather as much information as possible. In what situation does your car stutter? And what cause can we possibly link to this. If you have identified the cause, you can look for the solution.

The problem often lies in internal pollution. When this is the case, Lindemann’s additives offer a solution. Lindemann additives are of high quality and have besides cleaning also lubricating properties.

In addition to the curative use of the additives, we also advise to use them preventively. By keeping your entire fuel system clean at all times, you avoid a lot of problems, such as shocking your car! But what is the best solution for a stuttered car?

The conclusion is simple. If the car stutters, it is best to use the Lindemann Service Cleaner Petrol or Diesel. This is the best and cheapest solution for fixing a stuttering car! Buy additives? Continue to “Order here”.