Lubricate ball head

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A cycling enthusiast likes nothing more than a bicycle that is well maintained. Being able to steer properly is therefore very important. The headset ensures that the frame and the front fork can rotate. This should of course be done simply and smoothly, but is not always the case. When steering becomes heavier, there is a good chance that the steering head no longer works as it should. You would like to avoid replacement or repair, and good maintenance and lubrication of the headset is important.

Lubricating grease ball head

In order to be able to steer properly and smoothly, it is important that the headset bearings are well lubricated. Lubricating the headset is best done with Lindemann’s Red G. This lubricant contains Teflon and ensures that the headset bearings last longer than other greases and lubricants.

Voordelen Red G:

Benefits Red G:
– Keeps water and dust out
– Resistant to high pressure, water and seawater (ideal for cycling along coastal areas)
– Contains a high content of P.T.F.E (Teflon)
– Provides long-lasting lubrication
– Longer headset bearing life

So you are looking for a high-quality and high-quality grease that offers longer lubrication. Then the Red G is the solution for headset bearings, crankshaft and bicycle hub. The Red G is available in small and large quantities. For more information, please contact us directly.