Lubricate bicycle hub

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A bicycle hub that is not properly maintained can at some point crack and rattle. In the worst case, the bearings in the bicycle hub will run dry, this is the mark on play on the hub. You will then have to replace the complete bicycle hub including a set of bearings. This is of course a shame and can be prevented by properly maintaining your bicycle and regularly lubricating the hub. The Red G from Lindemann is the product that is suitable for lubricating your bicycle hub.

Lubricate gear hub

Before you start servicing the gear hub, you will need to disassemble the hub. From that moment you check the status of the hub and the cleaning and lubrication can begin. The first thing to do is to clean all the dirt in the hub shell. Then the inside (bearing shell) can be lubricated. When this is done, the gear hub can be mounted again. If you want to lubricate the gear hub with a good lubricant, it is best to use the Red G  for this. This grease has a number of great advantages, such as: water-repellent (also seawater), does not attract dirt, can withstand high pressures and offers long-term lubrication due to the Teflon P.T.F.E. that is present. Lubricating and maintaining the bicycle hub is therefore important to extend its life.