Lubricate your mountain bike chain yourself? That’s how you do it!

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If you want to optimally enjoy an intense ride on your mountain bike, it is important that your mountain bike is in the best condition. The chain of your mountain bike plays an important role in this. If this is not completely in order, you can get quite irritated during your ride. By lubricating your mountain bike chain, it can deliver the best performance. In this article you can read how you can best lubricate your chain, but also why it is so important and which products are best to use.


Why lubricate mountain bike chain?

The chain is an important part of the drivetrain, it is constantly in motion while cycling. It is therefore logical that wear and tear can occur. Wax or lube can prevent this wear and tear, it will provide smooth and fast movement. This makes your ride a lot more pleasant and you can make more speed. It also prevents your chain from squeaking and cracking. In addition, it gives the chain a dirt and water-repellent layer, you can read more about that later in this article.

How to lubricate mountain bike chain?

You can lubricate your mountain bike chain with wax or lube. We will explain the difference between wax and lube later. In any case, purchase a good chain cleaner, such as Velorest Chain Cleaner. The chain must first be thoroughly clean. Velorest Chain Cleaner thoroughly cleans your contaminated chain, so that the new layer of wax or lube can adhere better.

Lubricating mountain bike chain supplies

  • chain cleaner;
  • wax or lube;
  • Brush;
  • microfibre cloth;
  • Bucket with water or garden hose.

The following steps will help you lubricate your mountain bike chain.

Step 1
Spray the chain with the chain cleaner and let it soak for a few minutes. Don’t let it dry out!

Step 2
Wipe the dirt off the chain with a brush, also wipe firmly between the links.

Step 3
Rinse the dirt and cleaner off the chain with a bucket of water or garden hose.

Step 4
Dry the chain and entire drivetrain with a microfiber cloth.

Step 5
Drip the wax or lube on the chain, now start turning the wheel. This allows the lubricant to distribute itself well.

Step 6
Wait 15 minutes, so the wax or lube can work well. After 15 minutes, remove the excess wax or lube, do this with a microfibre cloth. The chain is now clean and well lubricated. You can take it again for a number of rides.

With which products should I lubricate a mountain bike chain?

You can lubricate the chain of your mountain bike with Velorest Chain Wax or Velorest Chain Lube Wet. Which one to choose depends on your situation and the weather conditions.

Velorest Chain Wax
When you choose Velorest Chain Wax, you also choose a better environment. This wax is 100% vegetable and biodegradable. The packaging is made of recyclable material and the wax contains no microplastics. Another advantage of Velorest Chain Wax is the dirt-repellent layer it gives the chain. As a mountain bike user, this is of course ideal, especially if you often go off-road. After the ride you can easily wipe the dirt away with a brush.
Velorest’s wax prevents your chain from wearing out and rusting, it has a long-lasting effect. Wax works best in warm and dry conditions, but won’t do any worse during a downpour.

Velorest Chain Lube Wet
Do you often use the mountain bike in winter or during a rain shower? Then choose Velorest Chain Lube Wet, which has been specially developed for wet and cold conditions. It gives the chain a water-repellent layer, this also applies to the wax. The disadvantage of the lube is that it does not provide a dirt-repellent layer, it even attracts dirt. So do not use lube when you go off road cycling with your mountain bike.

Like Velorest Chain Wax, Lube Wet prevents wear and rust. It has a long-lasting effect.
Re-lubricate your chain regularly, we recommend that you do this every 100 kilometers. This keeps the chain of your mountain bike in the best condition. This way you can continue to cycle comfortably and you avoid a high bill from the bicycle repairman.

We hope that with this blog we have provided you with sufficient tools to properly maintain your mountain bike from now on. As a bonus, we have already put together a bundle for you with the products that appeared in this blog. With the Velorest Chain Care bundle you keep your mountain bike chain in top condition!

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