Motor Flush

Do you have problems with a dirty engine? Then a Lindemann motor flush is the solution! Internal pollution in the engine is an increasing problem due to the increasingly strict emission standards and the application of new techniques. Cleaning your engine internally with an engine cleaner has a positive influence on fuel consumption, quality of lubrication and CO2 emissions. Do you want to clean your dirty engine internally? Read here how to do it yourself!

This creates engine pollution

A malfunctioning engine is often caused by contamination of the engine system. The pollution causes, among other things, stuck pistons and oil scraper springs, clogged oil channels, paint and carbon deposits. Internal pollution is mainly caused by short journeys, a lot of traffic jams and / or not using the car regularly. In addition, the risk of pollution is increased by driving with a high engine temperature, which is caused by driving with a heavily loaded cart, caravan or driving in the mountains at a continuous high speed. 

As a result, the engine must do its best to perform optimally and contamination occurs in the piston rings, piston ring grooves and valves. The oil becomes contaminated below and loses its quality. This carbon deposit causes engine problems such as: power loss, compression loss, oil consumption. In addition, motors with hydraulic valve lifters are very sensitive to contamination and can get stuck. Stuck tappets can be recognized by a ticking / rattling sound.

Clean the dirty engine

Do you have a car with high oil consumption, fuel consumption, less power or a lot of emissions? Then there is a good chance that you have a dirty engine. It is then important to clean your engine internally with an engine cleaner. The oil in the engine ensures that all moving parts are lubricated, there is no metal-to-metal contact and the engine is cooled internally. Over time, the quality of the oil will deteriorate, and it will start to function less, causing pollution. Cleaning a heavily contaminated engine can be done with an engine cleaner from Lindemann.

Engine Cleaner

The internal cleaning of the motor works best with the Motor Flush from Lindemann. This powerful Engine cleaner ensures that your dirty engine is internally cleaned.

After half an hour of idling, the Engine Flush cleans the entire oil system including all piston rings, piston ring grooves, oil seals and hydraulic valves. In addition to cleaning, the oil system is also internally lubricated and white and black sludge are removed. Ultimately it will result in better compression and smoother running engine. Lindemann’s Engine cleaner is the solution for cleaning the entire oil system.

Clean the engine internally with an Engine Flush

The Lindemann Engine Flush can be used for any internal combustion engine. We are happy to explain how you can internally clean your engine with a Lindemann motor flush. You add the full 300ML content to the old oil. Of course, the Engine Cleaner must be shaken well before use. After the addition, let the engine idle for 10-30 minutes, this allows the engine flush to do its job properly and it will clean the engine internally. Then drain the oil, replace the oil filter and add new oil. Now the entire oil system has been completely cleaned and all deposits and dirt have been removed. 

Our advice: Add the Lindemann Engine Perfermance Treatment to the new oil. This additive protects the engine against contamination and wear. In addition, it offers extra lubrication and prevents engine wear, because there is no metal-to-metal contact during the cold start. Do you want to use the motor flush for an older motor? Then we recommend the Lindemann Worn Engine Treatment. This additive prevents further wear and internal contamination. 

Do you want to clean your dirty engine yourself with an Engine Cleaner? For the best result, you can combine the engine flush with an oil treatment. You can order the Lindemann motor flush from our own shop. Click on the button “Order here” you will be directly referred to the motor flush in our shop.