Clean your mountain bike chain yourself? That’s how you do it!

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An important part of every bicycle is the chain, so also for the mountain bike. Something that is important you should cherish, give the chain of your mountain bike the attention it needs. We are going to explain how you can clean the chain of your mountain bike, but also how often you should do this. We also tell you which cleaner you can use. After reading this blog, you will know how to get your mountain bike chain sparkling clean.


Why clean mountain bike chain?

While cycling, your mountain bike comes into contact with dirt, especially when you go on a rough off road ride. This dirt gets between the links of the chain and thus the entire drivetrain. In this way the chain will move less smoothly and quickly, this also affects the speed you want to make. Eventually the chain can also falter, in the long term corrosion and rust will occur due to the caked-on dirt. So you better remove the dirt from the chain. It’s a tedious job, but it’s part of it. Receiving a high bill from the bicycle mechanic is even more annoying.Of course, safety also plays a major role. Of course you don’t want to deal with a faltering bicycle chain at a high speed. Especially not when you are on a racing bike, this can cause serious accidents.

How do you clean the chain of your mountain bike?

There is no point in getting started with just water, you need a powerful chain cleaner. Only in this way can you remove all the dirt from your mountain bike chain. You need the following items to thoroughly clean your chain.

Cleaning mountain bike chain necessities

  • Chain cleaner;
  • Brush;
  • Bucket of water or garden hose;
  • Microfibre cloth.

By following the steps below, you can thoroughly clean your mountain bike chain.

Step 1
Apply the chain cleaner over the entire chain and drivetrain. Let it do its job for a while, but don’t dry out.

Step 2
Grab a brush and wipe off all the dirt, also brush between the links.

Step 3
Do you think all the dirt has been removed? Then grab the bucket of water or a garden hose and rinse the chain and drivetrain clean.

Step 4
Dry the whole thing with a microfibre cloth.

Now your chain and entire drivetrain is thoroughly clean again, but you are not there yet. It is important to grease the chain again. You can use wax or lube for that, such as Velorest Chain Wax or Velorest Chain Lube Wet. Greasing your bicycle chain extends the life of the chain and prevents wear. The chain needs it to move smoothly.

How often to clean mountain bike chain?

Every cyclist is different, in this case we refer to the use of the mountain bike. Some people only use the mountain bike on the asphalt, some people use it off-road. I don’t think we need to explain to you that the chain is quite dirty after an off-road ride. If you often cycle off-road, you will therefore have to clean the chain more often. Greasing the chain with wax makes it easier to clean. The previously mentioned Velorest Chain Wax gives the chain a dirt-repellent layer. You can then easily remove the dirt with just a brush.
Clean your chain after every off-road ride. Do you only use it on the asphalt? For example, clean it once a week or month. In the winter months it is recommended to clean it after every ride. The chain can then come into contact with brine. This will greatly deteriorate the condition of your chain.

What to clean mountain bike chain with?

The chain of your mountain bike is best cleaned with Velorest Chain Cleaner. This is a powerful chain cleaner specially made for the dirtiest bicycle chains. Velorest Chain Cleaner is easy to apply thanks to the spray bottle. It will remove mud, sand, grass, oil, grease and salt such as brine from your chain.

The advantage of Velorest Chain Cleaner is that it is suitable for any chain, you can also use it for the chain of your motorcycle, for example. This chain cleaner has been thoroughly tested and is safe for all materials on your bike. For example, you don’t have to worry that it will affect the paint of the frame. Together with Velorest Bike Cleaner, Velorest Chain Cleaner is a product that should not be missing in your bicycle maintenance set.

We hope that with this blog we have provided you with sufficient tools to properly maintain your mountain bike from now on. As a bonus, we have already put together a bundle for you with the products that appeared in this blog. With the Velorest Chain Care bundle you keep your mountain bike chain in top condition!

Do you want a total package for maintaining your mountain bike? Then the Velorest Total Bundle is the best option!

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