Oil additive

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These are additives that can be added to the oil system. Nowadays there are a huge number of different types of motor oils on the market. It’s about the best price-quality ratio. In principle, oil has the same effect, but there is indeed a difference between it. Engine oil has a number of properties that ensure that all parts in the engine are lubricated. Over time, the oil loses its lubricating properties and the quality of the oil will deteriorate. Oil additives are designed to solve engine problems. Lindemann has protective and cleaning oil additives. An oil additive can solve problems such as ticking valves, oil consumption, crankcase pressure and oil leakage.

Why use an oil additive?

People often wonder why they should use an oil additive if the oil is good? In many cases, the use of oil additives can offer a solution. So more and more cars are added, resulting in full roads. When a car makes many short journeys in, for example, city traffic or traffic jams, the combustion engine and oil do not reach operating temperature properly. As a result, an engine cannot deliver maximum performance and this will be at the expense of lubrication, resulting in engine contamination. Over time, even wear and engine damage can occur! A common problem are jammed and / or worn piston rings with wear and oil consumption as a result. Adding an oil additive is certainly useful and is harmless to the engine and oil! An oil additive therefore has a positive effect on the operation of the engine.

With one of the above problems, it is always worth trying an oil additive. In some scenarios, an oil additive may not work. Far too high oil consumption or excessive leaks due to mechanical problems cannot be remedied with an additive and will need to be repaired in a garage. An oil additive is the cheapest and fastest solution for solving problems.

Oil stop leak additive

The Lindemann Oil Stop Leak formula is unique in the additive market. It is specially designed to reduce oil leakage from the engine, gearbox and differential. In addition, it contains an additional additive that brings rubber oil seals and o-rings and also plastic parts that have hardened back to normal flexibility. Furthermore, the Oil Stop Leak does not contain plasticizers and therefore offers a sustainable solution for oil leakage.

Oil additive Engine Performance Treatment

Lindemann Engine Performance Treatment is an oil additive that protects the engine from wear and improves its performance. Engine wear caused by the cold start can be prevented with the Engine Performance Treatment. The Teflon particles settle on all rotating parts and prevent metal-to-metal contact. Use the Engine Performance Treatment and prevent wear and extend the life of the engine! This makes the car more economical, makes less noise and gets more engine power. This oil additive also helps to reduce oil consumption.

Oil additive Worn Engine Treatment

The Worn Engine Treatment is suitable for older engines that already show some engine wear. The product contains Teflon molecules that fill the space between the piston rings and cylinder wall. Use the Worn Engine Performance Treatment to extend the life of the engine. View all the benefits of the Lindemann Worn Engine Treatment here!

Engine flush oil system cleaner

The Oil System Cleaner is a premium quality engine flush. It is a powerful cleaner that thoroughly cleans the entire oil system, including the piston rings, hydraulic valves and cylinder walls. This results in a smoother running engine. In addition, tapping the valve lifters fixes, loosens oil scraper and piston rings, and removes white and black sludge. This engine flush must be added before the oil change.