Oil leakage Power steering

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How happy we are that the cars are all equipped with power steering nowadays. However, it can happen that your car suddenly turns heavily, and the power steering fails. This could indicate a leak in the wheelhouse. Driving for a long time with a car that is difficult to steer is very dangerous and can also cause major damage to the steering pump or steering gear. We are happy to help you to solve the problem with a high-quality Lindemann oil additive.

Fix the steering box for oil leaks

If it appears that the leak has occurred, it is important to find out where this leak came from. If it is clear why the car is steering heavily and oil leakage is detected, this problem will have to be solved. In this case we advise you Lindemann Power Steering Treatment that seals and smooths dried seals. Leaks are hereby remedied, and expensive replacement of steering pumps or steering boxes can be postponed or prevented.

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