Prevent bacterial growth in diesel

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Refueling B7 diesel has a number of drawbacks, especially for older cars, classic cars and old-timers and motorhomes. The main drawback of the new diesel is that the added bioethanol is hygroscopic and attracts moisture. B7 diesel fuel contains less sulfur than before and this ensures less lubrication and more moisture. These small amounts of moisture can be harmful to the sensitive injectors / atomizers. It turns out that the new B7 biodiesel attracts 6 to 8 times more moisture than the old normal diesel fuel. The Lindemann Service Cleaner Diesel can be added annually to clean your fuel system.

Moisture in fuel tank

Moisture in the fuel tank can be caused by dark spaces, temperature fluctuations, more oxygen as a result of a fuel cap that has been closed incorrectly and a long standstill of the vehicle, for example in the winter. The moisture condenses in the air, causing water droplets to enter the diesel. Too much moisture (condensation water) will slowly sink to the bottom of the fuel tank and form a water layer. This condensation water can cause bacterial growth and mold.

Consequences of bacterial growth:

  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Dirty fuel tank that needs to be cleaned
  • Corrosion and rust in the fuel tank
  • Valves and injectors can be damaged
  • Machine standstill

Moisture in diesel and bacterial growth

The winter months have arrived and that means worse and wet weather conditions. The camper and / or classic old-timer are going back into the shed for a longer period. To prevent bacterial growth, we recommend that you fully refuel your vehicle before a long standstill and add the Diesel Boost. With a fully filled tank, no air can enter and therefore no condensation water that can cause bacterial growth. However, you will have to take a ride immediately after picking up your camper or old-timer.

Why the Diesel Boost? The Lindemann Diesel Boost cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system and ensures that it keeps your engine and fuel system clean and in good condition. Because the product does not contain any solvents, it is extremely suitable for preventing bacterial growth. Lindemann Diesel Boost does not absorb condensation water but encapsulates it and prevents it from passing through the fuel filter.