Oil additives

Below you will find all Lindemann additives for engine oil. Oil additives are especially useful preventively, but can also be used curatively. Consider, for example, remedying leaks in the cooling system or in the engine. But also reducing oil consumption and removing deposits in the oil system.

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Oil additive

Are you looking for a premium quality oil additive? Lindemann has several types of oil additives that are suitable for all types of combustion engines. An oil additive from Lindemann contains Teflon and has both protective and cleaning properties. Preventing wear, reducing oil consumption or oil leakage and cleaning the engine can all be done with an oil additive from Lindemann.


Engine flush

Pollution in the oil system is disastrous for the engine. A heavily contaminated engine can cause engine damage. Cleaning a dirty engine is best done with the Engine Flush from Lindemann. This is a powerful engine flush and cleans the entire oil system.


Reduce oil consumption

Oil consumption is a very common problem. However, a little oil consumption is not a disaster at all. However, if you realize that you have to refill the oil too often, you can choose to use an additive.

Reducing oil consumption with a Lindemann additive not only means that you need to refill the oil less often, but also that your engine is protected against wear at all times!


Oil leakage

In addition to oil consumption, there is of course also oil leakage. A car that leaks oil not only creates extra costs, but is also very bad for the environment. Lindemann Oil Stop Leak is unique in the additives market because no plasticizers are used. Because the Oil Stop Leak does not contain this, this product gives a more sustainable effect compared to the competing brands.