Fuel additives

Lindemann has a wide range of high-quality fuel additives. A fuel additive is suitable for all engines to prevent and solve problems. The use of a fuel additive has a positive influence on your engine performance, fuel consumption and emissions. Lindemann is the right place for fuel additives.

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Powerful fuel cleaners

Lindemann has a wide range of fuel additives and solutions for many problems! Lindemann Service Cleaner is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. These powerful cleaners can be added to the fuel system annually. Are you looking for a high-quality cleaner for your petrol or diesel engine? Use one of the Lindemann fuel additives!


Pollution an increasing problem

Engine pollution is a problem that gets worse every year. Cleaning your fuel system from time to time can for example solve and prevent problems with EGR, DPF or the injectors. In any case, Lindemann offers a solution for everything!