Diesel additives

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Diesel additive

Are you looking for a diesel additive? Lindemann has a number of high-quality diesel additives that clean the fuel system. You can use a diesel additive to clean the fuel system, injectors, EGR valve, particulate filter (DPF) and fuel pump. A diesel additive improves combustion of the diesel fuel. The use of a diesel additive has a positive influence on fuel consumption and emissions, among other things. The Diesel Boost is a diesel cleaner that prevents pollution and keeps the fuel system clean.


Diesel particulate filter cleaner

Due to the increasing environmental requirements, diesel engines in particular have become more polluting. This sounds contradictory, but it is not. Exhaust gases first pass through the EGR and later through the particulate filter. In some cars, the exhaust gases even go through the EGR system twice. The pollutants that are filtered as much as possible. As a result, all this pollution remains in the exhaust system of your car, with all its consequences. Cleaning your diesel particulate filter and EGR with an additive can solve and prevent many problems.


Clean the fuel system

As mentioned, most engine failures today are due to pollution. Not only the exhaust system is affected, but also the fuel system. You can avoid many problems by cleaning your fuel system at least once a year. The injectors in particular are very sensitive to pollution and should be cleaned from time to time.