Petrol additives

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Petrol fuel additive

Are you looking for a petrol additive? Lindemann has different types of petrol additives that are suitable for all petrol engines. A petrol additive cleans, among other things, the fuel system, injectors, injectors, valves, fuel pump and pipes and ensures better combustion and atomization of the fuel. Lindemann also has a gasoline additive that prevents pollution.


Fuel system cleaner

A dirty fuel system causes many engine failures and also mechanical problems. Because manufacturers have to meet increasingly strict environmental requirements, there is much more pollution inside the engine. For example, exhaust gases are passed through the fuel system several times before they actually go out. It is therefore recommended to clean the fuel system annually!


Injector cleaner

The injectors in particular often suffer from pollution. Deposits settle on and in the injection system, which means that the injection system of the fuel is not optimal. Petrol engines are very tight when it comes to the combination of air, fuel and ignition. When an injector is dirty you will notice that your car occasionally jerking and stuttering. It is therefore recommended to clean the injectors every now and then with an injector cleaner.