Industrial products

Lindemann has a wide range of industrial additives, greases and lubricants with 14 industrial products. Industrial or agricultural machines have a lot to endure under harsh conditions such as extremely high pressures, temperatures, failures, speeds and wear. By good maintenance with the right Lindemann products you can save unnecessary maintenance costs, downtime and wear of parts. Lindemann has products for the fuel, hydraulics, cooling systems, engine and transmission. Lindemann has extensive experience in solving lubrication-related problems in industries such as automotive, transport, shipping, agriculture, railways and industry

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Benefits of Lindemann lubricants

Use of Lindemann's industrial additives and lubricants results in lower maintenance costs due to less machine maintenance, less downtime, less fuel and energy consumption and longer lubrication intervals. With Lindemann lubricants you can lubricate chains, bearings, steel cables, (open) gears, gear and worm gearboxes. All lubricants contain Teflon (PTFE), are resistant to extremely high pressures, temperatures and water (seawater). It also protects against corrosion and provides long-term lubrication. In addition, each product has its own specific advantages.



Lindemann's industrial products can be used for many different types of machines in the industrial, mining, agricultural and shipping industry. Lindemann has a solution for every industry! The industrial products are available in small and large quantities.