Lindemann Friction Free


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Lindemann Friction Free is a unique product mainly based on Teflon. Friction Free is a dry lubricant without wax, silicone, and grease. This product leaves a transparent, non-sticky, anti-static, and smooth film layer that adheres well to surfaces.


  • Does not attract dirt and dust
  • Resistant to temperatures from -35° C to 200° C
  • Extremely low friction
  • Grease-free and without silicone
  • Dry lubrication with Teflon
  • Water repellent


This product can be used anywhere in industrial environments, as well as for automobiles, bicycles, marine, agricultural machinery, and hobbies.

Dosage and usage:

Before use, shake the spray can well. Spray a thin layer on a dry and clean surface (approximately 30 cm distance). For the first application, it is recommended to spray twice to seal the pores 100%. The drying time is approximately 3 minutes.


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