Lindemann HYD-1

HYD-1 is geschikt voor alle hydraulische systemen. HYD-1 en HYD-SL zijn het resultaat van langlopende wetenschappelijke onderzoeken naar smering en bescherming van hydraulische systemen. Onderzoeken hebben onthuld dat het verminderen van slijtage en lekken in deze systemen absoluut noodzakelijk is om redenen van veiligheid. Normale hydraulische oliën zijn in veel opzichten gewone basisolie, die niet hetzelfde draagvermogen hebben als HYD-additieven.


Lindemann HYD-1

Lindemann HYD-1 is suitable for all hydraulic systems. HYD-1 and HYD-SL are the result of long-term scientific research into lubrication and protection of hydraulic systems. Investigations have revealed that reducing wear and leaks in these systems is imperative for safety reasons. In many ways, normal hydraulic oils are regular base oils, which do not have the same load capacity as HYD additives.

Lindemann HYD-1 and HYD-SL consist of microscopic Teflon (PTFE) and anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives. All of these components are mixed with high performance carrier oil, which is consistent with the robust Abex Dennison HFO / HF2 performance specifications and with the Sperry Vickers “Hydraulic Vane Pump” wear test.

HYD-1 is a hydraulic system additive for all types of pumps. HYD-1 is used to reduce the risk of leakage and wear because it offers a better lubricating oil than normal hydraulic oils.


  • Boiling point / range (° C.):> 300 ° C • Flash point: 100 ° C
  • Shelf life: Min. 10 years under the right conditions
  • Less noise and heat
  • Less wear on the pump and control valve
  • Less wear on seals
  • Prevents leaks in the future (HYD-1)
  • Seals / reduces leaks (HYD-SL)
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Compatible with mineral, synthetic and most types of biodegradable oil

Dosage and use
1 liter of HYD-1 is sufficient for 100 liters of hydraulic oil. HYD-1 is suitable for use with oil filters over 5 microns. Shake well before use! Treatment with HYD can be carried out at any time after an oil change or if the system is topped up after leakage. After addition, the system must be used thoroughly to ensure complete circulation of HYD-1.


1/5/10 liter