Radiator cleaner

The cooling system is an important part of the engine that ensures that the heat from the engine dissipates into the outside air via the radiator. If the coolant loses its protective properties, this will be at the expense of dissipating the heat. This creates rust, scale and other pollution that will stick to the inner wall. This dirt forms a layer so that heat can be dissipated less, resulting in an engine that gets too hot. This can cause leakage and major engine damage. It is therefore necessary to keep the cooling system in good condition!

Radiator flush

If you notice that the cooling system has stopped working and the engine is getting too hot due to poor heat dissipation. Then you can clean the cooling system with Lindemann Radiator & Block Flush. This Radiator cleaner quickly and efficiently cleans all cooling systems. It removes all deposits such as oil, rust and other dirt with the aim of better cooling and circulation in the cooling system.

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