Reduce CO2 emissions

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Reducing CO2 emissions is an important focus of the agenda for many companies. Almost everyone is busy devising possible solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. Due to the increasing and stricter requirements from the government, CO2 emissions and other harmful exhaust gases will have to decrease. But how? These are very complex issues that cannot be answered immediately. Many people wonder if the cars, cranes, shovels and other machines will run electric or hydrogen in the future, or will the petrol and diesel engines continue to exist for years?

Driving too long with a polluted diesel engine can not only lead to internal pollution and engine damage, but also causes your vehicle to emit more harmful substances and CO2 emissions. Lindemann has products in its range that can make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and other harmful exhaust gases. It concerns additives for the automotive, industry, transport and agriculture.

Reduce CO2 emissions with Lindemann fuel additives

Certain cities in the Netherlands have already introduced a number of environmental zones to make the city a bit cleaner. These environmental requirements are specific to diesel cars that emit more harmful substances than “cleaner” diesel and petrol engines. This is a measure that was implemented by the Dutch cabinet 2 years ago. There is a good chance that more larger cities will follow, and “polluted” diesel engines will no longer be welcome in the inner city.

By using fuel additives, you can contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions of your vehicle. As you know, there are many different types and brands of additives available on the market. The choice to choose a Lindemann product is simple. Why? These additives contain more active substances and are formulated with unique formulas, which gives it a long-lasting effect.

Adding an additive can provide the following benefits:

  • Cleaner and quieter engine
  • Less emissions of soot and particulate matter
  • Fuel saving
  • More power
  • Less harmful exhaust gases

Lindemann has fuel additives for both the diesel and petrol system. These can be used preventively and curative (problem-solving). There are additives that are suitable for every refuelling (keep the fuel system clean) and additives that can be added annually or every 5000 km to clean the fuel system. Lindemann also has a suitable additive for protecting your car against E10 petrol.

High CO2 emissions with MOT inspection

Due to internal pollution, it is possible that your vehicle has too high CO2 emissions and therefore does not pass the MOT. During a MOT inspection, several elements of your vehicle are extensively tested and checked to see whether everything still meets the standards. If your car is rejected due to too high CO2 emissions, you can easily remedy this with a fuel additive from Lindemann. You add the entire content of the Service Cleaner to your fuel tank, then drive it for 60 to 80 kilometres and you will almost immediately notice the difference.

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