Reduce crankcase pressure

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Crankcase pressure is a common problem with multiple vehicles such as cars and tractors. The cause of crankcase pressure is stuck and / or worn piston rings. Because the piston rings no longer fill the space properly, the combustion gases are pressed past the pistons and blown into the crankcase, resulting in crankcase pressure. How you can prevent and remedy this yourself is explained here.

Prevent crankcase pressure

Crankcase pressure can be prevented by protecting the piston rings. With a cold start, no oil film is yet present on the moving parts. The chance of metal-to-metal contact increases, so that the piston rings wear faster. This can be prevented with the Lindemann Engine Performance Treatment. This additive contains Teflon particles that settle on all moving parts and create, as it were, a thin film layer, preventing metal-to-metal contact and wear. In addition, crankcase pressure can be caused by stuck and / or worn piston rings.

Crankcase ventilation system

Due to environmental requirements, the combustion gases must not escape into the environment. For this reason, the internal combustion engine has a crankcase ventilation system in which the air in the intake manifold draws in clean air through the air filter and circulates through the crankcase. The crankcase vapors are then discharged to the combustion chamber in the cylinders where it is burned there. When the crankcase ventilation system no longer works, black sludge, or while black sludge can occur with the risk of engine damage. The hot combustion gases cause the oil to evaporate, resulting in oil consumption! In addition, the chance of compression loss with the result that the power is reduced.

Solve crankcase pressure

The causes and consequences of crankcase pressure are now clear, but how can this be remedied? Stuck piston rings are the problem of crankcase pressure and must be loosened with a cleaning additive. Lindemann Oil System Cleaner ensures that the caked-on oil is removed, and the piston rings come off. The Oil System Cleaner and Engine Performance Treatment are the perfect combination to relieve crankcase pressure and prevent it in the future!

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