Lubricate your Road Bike Chain yourself? This is how you do it!

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Every bicycle chain needs a good layer of lubricant, but for a racing bike it may be even more important. Just like a car engine, a bicycle chain cannot do without lubricant. So regularly check the chain of your racing bike. Does he look dry? Does it squeak and creak? Then immediately apply a new layer of wax or oil. In this article we explain how you can do this based on the following questions:

Why lubricate a road bike chain?

If you want your road bike chain to run smoothly and quickly, it must be clean and well-lubricated. It provides more comfort while cycling and you can reach higher speeds. A dried-out bicycle chain will squeak, crack and falter. At a high speed, a faltering chain can cause dangerous situations. So always make sure that your chain is well greased. You should always use special wax or lube for this, which has been developed for a racing bike. Lubricating the chain will improve the condition of the entire drivetrain, for example it also prevents wear.

How to lubricate a road bike chain?

It is important to know that you must first thoroughly clean the chain. You can do this with Velorest Chain Cleaner. This is a very thorough chain cleaner that makes the chain of your racing bike like new again. It is a multifunctional cleaner that degreases very strongly, making it suitable for any bicycle chain, even that of a motorcycle.

Lubricating the racing bike chain

  • Chain cleaner such as Velorest Chain Cleaner;
  • Brush;
  • microfibre cloth;
  • Bucket with water or
  • garden hose;
  • Chain wax or lube.

Step 1
Spray the chain with the chain cleaner, let it soak in for a while but don’t let it dry completely. You have to take a few minutes into account.

Step 2
Now start removing the dirt, this is best done with a small brush. Also, wipe well between the links to remove all the dirt.

Step 3
Rinse the chain with the bucket of water or garden hose.

Step 4
Now dry the chain with a microfibre cloth.

Step 5
Apply the wax or lube to the chain and start spinning the wheel. Let it soak for about 15 minutes.

Step 6
Remove the excess wax or lube with a microfiber cloth.

The chain of your racing bike is now fresh and smooth again. It is wise to lubricate the chain of your racing bike every 250 km. This way he stays in the best condition. If you are a professional cyclist, you could lubricate the chain even more often.

Which products do you use for lubricating road bike chain?

You can use Velorest Chain Wax or Velorest Chain Lube Wet to lubricate your road bike chain. Chain Wax is suitable for dry conditions, such as cycling in the spring and summer. However, it is no problem to use it even on a rainy day. Velorest Chain Wax gives the chain of your road bike a dirt and water-repellent layer, so you can easily remove the coarse dirt with a brush after a ride.

Velorest Chain Lube Wet can handle wet and cold conditions better, it gives your chain a water-repellent layer. Lube Wet is therefore best used in the colder and wet months.

Both the wax and the lube protect your chain against rust and corrosion. The advantage of Velorest Chain Wax is the composition of ingredients, because it is 100% vegetable and free of microplastics. It is a biodegradable lubricant, which also has a recyclable packaging. By using Velorest Chain Wax, you therefore contribute to a healthy and safe environment for humans and animals.

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