What happens if there is too little engine oil?

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To compress! A red light will illuminate on your dashboard. It’s about the engine oil, so it’s wise to stop at the side of the road for a while. Just wait 10/15 minutes and check the oil level. Too little engine oil… now what? Depending on the amount, it is not wise to just continue driving. Too little engine oil can cause major damage. Engine oil will have to be added.

Engine oil ensures that there is sufficient lubrication between all moving parts in the engine block. In addition, it provides internal protection and largely prevents engine wear. Too little engine oil results in less lubrication and protection. Over time, when the oil level decreases even further, a lock-up can occur and this is hugely expensive! So do not take any risks, top up the engine oil to the correct oil level and if you are not familiar with it, continue to the nearest garage.