What is the lifespan of a car?

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You buy a new car with the idea that it will last at least 10 years. The number of cars on the roads is only increasing. Especially with the rise of electric and hydrogen cars. But what is the exact lifespan of a car? This is difficult to assess, because it depends on a huge number of factors. There are examples of cars with a million kilometers on the clock, but there are also cars that go to 250,000 kilometers.

We are familiar with petrol and diesel engines in the Netherlands. In general, petrol engines have a lifespan of up to +/- 300,000 kilometers. With a diesel engine this is +/- 400,000 kilometers.

In the Netherlands we buy the most used or second-hand cars. In general, these cars are on average 5 to 15 years old and have walked +/- 120,000 to 220,000 kilometers. Depending on the driving style and use, a second-hand car can last at least 5 to 10 years. There is therefore no standard that a car can be depreciated for an x ​​number of kilometers.